09 August 2010 | Port Angeles, WA
30 July 2010 | Port Angeles, WA - still
24 July 2010 | Port Angeles, WA
22 July 2010 | Port Angeles, WA
17 July 2010 | Port angeles, WA
16 July 2010 | Port Angeles, WA
13 July 2010 | Port Angeles, Wa
11 July 2010 | Port Angeles, Wa
10 July 2010 | Port Angeles, WA
10 July 2010 | Port Angeles, WA
08 July 2010 | Port Angeles, Wa (duh)
07 July 2010 | Victoria Harbor
05 July 2010 | Victoria B.C.
03 July 2010 | Roche Harbor San Juan Islands
30 June 2010 | Bedwell Harbor Poet's Cove Resort
28 June 2010 | MBVIBC
27 June 2010 | Maple Bay (still) but headed up to Chemanis
25 June 2010 | Maple Bay

Yeeehaaa! Engine's up and running!!!

09 August 2009 | Ray here...
Whew!!...Big doings for us today...closed our eyes and turned the key...a few rumbles...a bump...then zoom!!! The engine took right off!!!Both of us jumping around like kids at Christmas..."The engines running...The engines running!!!" Talk about excited...after 5 weeks of down time...working night and day sweating whether or not it would even ever start again...then having to sit for two days trying to figure out why the fuel system wouldn't clear (you have bleed it a certain way but for us it was more a matter of no blood...couldn't get gas to engine all because of a tiny-tiny hose clamp letting in one tiny mini-drop of air....boy diesels are finiky)...

Anyway...the engine started...the new customized exhaust system Ray designed worked perfectly, the engine starts with a breath of a key turn...so now we're off to the next phase with new optimism about getting outta here soon. We share our excitement...couldn't be better...retired cruisers :)
Vessel Name: Pure Joy
Vessel Make/Model: Islander Freeport 41
Hailing Port: Seattle, Washington USA
Crew: Co-Captains Ray and Sandy
Retired July '09. This is our second sailboat together. Before, Sandy had a Morgan '38 which she sailed from Port Angeles around Puget Sound. Sandy has motored to Mexico in the 70's...and lived and worked on her own boat for 3 years in Alaska. [...]
Extra: We are happy to report we are actually doing exactly what we really really really really really want to do...(short of winning the lottery of couse :)...in any case...it's PURE JOY! HF Contact: KF7IDH
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Sailing the Dream

Who: Co-Captains Ray and Sandy
Port: Seattle, Washington USA