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Queen’s Ransom III is a Najad 520 from the UK

16 October 2021 | Dittisham, River Dart
16 October 2021 | River Yealm
11 October 2021 | Plymouth
09 October 2021 | Salcombe
27 September 2021 | Torquay
26 September 2021 | River Yealm
25 September 2021 | Fowey
24 September 2021 | Salcombe
10 September 2021 | Salcombe
09 September 2021 | London
30 August 2021 | Gålskär, Sörmland, Sweden
26 August 2021 | Off Lands End
25 August 2021 | St Martin
24 August 2021 | New Grimsby Sound
23 August 2021 | St Agnes
22 August 2021 | St Agnes
21 August 2021 | English Channel
20 August 2021 | Alderney

Spinnaker sailing at last

16 October 2021 | Dittisham, River Dart
Ulric Almqvist | SSE3
River Yealm when the morning mist is lifting

At 7 am this morning it was still pretty dark on the River Yealm. A sole person paddling a kayak past Queen's Ransom with his red head lamp. Darkness lifted, but the morning mist was still lying over the river and the surrounding valleys. We waited for enough water over the entrance bar and set out at 10.30. Light sunny conditions met us. Still Summer in second half of October??Water temperature between 15-16 degrees. Sarah Jane talked about swimming... We raced against Spindrift of Yealm who motored out of the river just behind us. down towards Bolt Tail. Gained on her first, but then lost badly despite our size advantage. Maybe due to heavier weight or not enough attention paid....

We had to tack a few times around Bolt Head. Then we past Prawle Point with good speed and finished lunch. We hoisted the spinnaker at Start Point and had a couple of hours enjoying the light good wind conditions under the beautiful balloon sail. Not another yacht in sight on Start Bay. Where have they all disappeared? Sun was setting as we motored past Dartmouth up the peaceful River Dart to Dittisham. I never been up the Dart before. What a mistake! We reached Anchor Rock. An enormous seal with their offspring had crawled up on the rock. Here we wanted to stay for the night! We picked up a mooring buoy. Vegetarian roast in in the cockpit under the oil lamp. Accompanied by the loud sounds of the seals......

River Yealm again

16 October 2021 | River Yealm
Ulric Almqvist | W3
Newton Creek, tributary to River Yealm

Caroline, Sarah Jane and I set out from Plymouth late afternoon. We forgot to fill water, so we will have to ration now! First idea was to head West anchoring at Looe Island or Fowey River. However, we turned as we were in late conditions upwind and darkness was soon to fall. The decsion was to hoist the Asymmetric and head for River Yealm instead. Also that a bit of a race as the tide was ebbing and we didn't want to pass the bar after 6.30pm.

We had a splendid sunset as we motored up the river. We took Princess Ransom up towards Moss Nayo, but got stuck in the mud as it was too low water. Caroline had to row as too little water for the engine. We're required to change plans again and headed for the dinghy pontoon on the Newton Ferrar's side. Dinner at the Dolphin Inn before returning to the beautiful Queen's Ransom glowing with her anchor light in the dark river.

Fowey to Plymouth

11 October 2021 | Plymouth
Ulric Almqvist | NNE2
Beautiful morning in Fowey. It was pretty wet on deck and in the cockpit from the dew, but the Autumn sun slowly cleared it away. We left Fowey to the East and tried to sail for a while, but as forecasted the wind dropped to oblivion. A meagre 2 knots and giving us less of a knot in progress.

Nina cleaned the deck in salt water. Idea is that salt is better than fresh water to keep algae growing. We approached Plymouth with a glassy sea and Autumn sun. Eventually moored up at Queen’s Anne Battery Marina and walked through the city to the train station.
Vessel Name: Queen's Ransom III
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 520
Hailing Port: Medway, UK
Queen's Ransom III is a Najad 520 build no. 22 from 1996. She is equipped and maintained for world wide cruising. Read more about her Viking Voyage on this website "the Mission" under favourites Go to "the Boat" under favourites to read more about Queen's Ransom. Go to "the Voyage" under [...]
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