Queen’s Ransom’s Atlantic Voyage

Queen’s Ransom III is a Najad 520 from The UK; exploring the Atlantic Islands

05 August 2016 | 80 Nm West South West of Raz de Sein
04 August 2016 | 115 Nm North North West Cabo de Estaca de Bares; Spain's Northernmost Point
03 August 2016 | 65 Nm NorthWest of Cabo Villano
02 August 2016 | 123 Nm West of Vigo
01 August 2016 | 40 Nm West of Oporto
31 July 2016 | Oporto
11 June 2016 | Oporto
10 June 2016 | Leixoes
09 June 2016 | 162 Nm West South West of Oporto
08 June 2016 | 270 Nm West of Lisbon
07 June 2016 | 338 Nm West of Cabo Sao Vincente
06 June 2016 | 100 Nm North of Porto Santo
05 June 2016 | Porto Santo
04 June 2016 | Porto Santo
25 March 2016
24 March 2016

Disco Dancing on Deck

31 December 2011 | Little Farmer's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
Imelda E2
Swimming Pig

Saturday 31 December 2011

As we have been posting blogs at lunchtime for internet access reasons, I will start with 'last night's installment'

The Eve of New Year's Eve, around 8 pm (Infinity PM!)

I spend the Eve of New Year's Eve disco dancing on deck, in darkness, backlit by the fairy lights on boats, the stars and the moon.

Ulric has taken the dinghy to Staniel Cay for a beer and some time out.

Brendan is reading Quinn a story, Quinn giggles.

Brendan still pegs out laundry, but 'only in the evenings.'

Elliott mentions a rainbow. says Brendan: "It's a promise from God!"

Staniel Cay is pretty, mellow. We did some shopping at The Pink Pearl Grocery Store.

We visited the pigs on the beach. even saw a small white piglet coloured bright pink and orange by the sunset..

The Great Square of Pegasus appears in the night sky

Pegasus (The Winged Horse) and the Moon dance hand in hand

I find myself disco dancing on deck, homesick for Exuma Park and the skeletons of whales. the company of the ghosts at Boo Boo Hill. it is too crowded here. too many yachts.

This is the first time on a sailing voyage that we won't see a full moon - but not seeing s full moon means seeing more stars.

New Year's Eve

About 3pm here but closer to The Great Witching Hour in Europe!

I just interviewed the boys about their New Year's Resolutions for 2012


- Work towards Grade 2 Piano Exam

- Publish a weekly newspaper

- Publish a book

- "Anger management": try to develop more patience

- Help around the house a bit more

- Work towards the Sailing Grade 2 Certificate at the Ahoy! Centre


- Finish my guidebook to the Bahamas and maybe write other books

- Work on anger management control during my piano lessons

- Give people more chances .. If people annoy me: forgive them and give them another chance

- Spend less time annoying my Brothers.. Be less annoying myself.

- Trying to be more flexible.. Though the word FLEXIBLE really annoys me!!!

- Write a book about Ostar on Tiger Island.

- And that I think that is ENOUGH!


- Publish a newspaper every week

- Do the Guitar Grade 3 Exam

- Improve the band.. Lots of band practice

- Ensure I do not hand in homework late

- Be less chatty

- Continue to cook dinner once a week and use more advanced recipes

- Improve my Maths & English & Science. because I got top grades in ALL other subjects.

- Spend next Christmas in London & make it the best Christmas ever

- Find the missing family members for all my monkeys

- Complete Stage 1 Motor Boats at the Ahoy! Centre


- Achieve work-life balance

- Be more enigmatic & mysterious, less approachable and available to clients

- Be a FUN MUM, roll in the mud sometimes with my piglets

- Continue to walk The Path of Pollen

- Go through my contact book, weed & unplug


To be figured out tonight.


I talk to a man on the beach

He speaks of Michigan

And the Fresh Water Oceans

(aka The Great Lakes)

He has an appointment with the ghosts

At Boo Boo Hill

We have a date

At Thunderbird Cay


We add our footprints

To those of the


Black rats

Brown Norway rats

Cuban tree frogs

Curly-tailed lizards

Rock iguanas

We add our tracks

To those of the

Bahama fowl snakes

And pygmy boa


The Sea

Washes them away

Wipes the slate clean

For another day

For another year.

By Imelda Almqvist
Vessel Name: Queen's Ransom III
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 520
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
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