Queen’s Ransom’s Atlantic Voyage

Queen’s Ransom III is a Najad 520 from The UK; exploring the Atlantic Islands

05 August 2016 | 80 Nm West South West of Raz de Sein
04 August 2016 | 115 Nm North North West Cabo de Estaca de Bares; Spain's Northernmost Point
03 August 2016 | 65 Nm NorthWest of Cabo Villano
02 August 2016 | 123 Nm West of Vigo
01 August 2016 | 40 Nm West of Oporto
31 July 2016 | Oporto
11 June 2016 | Oporto
10 June 2016 | Leixoes
09 June 2016 | 162 Nm West South West of Oporto
08 June 2016 | 270 Nm West of Lisbon
07 June 2016 | 338 Nm West of Cabo Sao Vincente
06 June 2016 | 100 Nm North of Porto Santo
05 June 2016 | Porto Santo
04 June 2016 | Porto Santo
25 March 2016
24 March 2016

Postscript by Imelda

07 January 2012 | London
I am writing this post script on the night flight from Philadelphia to London, January 2nd-3rd, 2012. Americans call this flight the 'red-eye', for obvious reasons.

Elliott and Brendan are already fast asleep, curled up in their seats. I can't see Quinn from where I am seated, we are all spread out.

Before home life overwhelms me and re-absorbs me - inevitably - I want to reflect on this trip and what I take home from "Sailing in the Bahamas".

This trip has reminded me of what it is to be a human being: to lie on deck, sandwiched between Ocean and Milky Way.... Minute, yet opening to the immensity of the cosmos and giving it all a place inside me...

I have had time to catch up on sleep and to dream beautiful futures.

I have had time to weave golden webs of healing and prayer around those who have asked for this and the inspiration to write new prayers.

I have had the chance to dance with the stars and look in the Mirror of Life.

I was exhausted, shattered, when we boarded the outbound plane. Once again I had become a human DOING rather than a human BEING. It is the way of Mothers all over the world, I believe.

I admit that I allowed client work to engulf me and run away with me Autumn 2011 - I learned LOTS and attracting such an abundance of work means I am good at what I do! - but the time has come to set limits on time and energy spent on individual cases and on after care too.

I have realised all over again (but I know this anyway!) what a beautiful family I have. It has been a pleasure to observe all my boys (husband included!) more closely. Quinn (11)'s effortless charm, ease and self-confidence, wherever he finds himself in the world.... Enviable! Our Human Dictionary Elliott (10, Quinn calls him Big Brain!) so eager to learn and read and write... Author, professor, poet in the making.... Brendan (7) still remembers how to talk to animals and the stars.... Building Spirit Cities on every beach.... And asking BIG questions about Creation and The Universe. (Did God create human beings because he got bored one day?)
Then Ulric (will not mention his age to avoid 'domestic violence'!) ... won't he need a HOLIDAY to recover from this holiday???! Wonderful to see him unglued from his mobile phone (one day skin will cover it and it really will become a body part, ugh!)... Playing with the children.... Taking them on dinghy adventures in everyday reality while Mum dreams and journeys in other realms....

I have watched the sunset every day.... I learned when to expect the Moon to appear in the sky, growing a little thinner - then fatter every night, and retreating altogether for three days. I will miss that in London: this Intimacy with the Cosmos... this on-going Dance With All That Is...

I have missed my cello madly and played in my sleep. I have yearned for my paintings and studio time - this goes without saying.

The Bahamas are beautiful and the people there extremely friendly and welcoming. During Junkanoo in Nassau two elderly ladies (both wearing hats suitable for church!) said to me in the street: "We are so glad that you came to the Bahamas to experience Junkanoo... We hope that you will enjoy our beautiful islands and come again, GOD BLESS!" I don't give Japanese (or ANY) tourists walking around London with their cameras such a welcome, in truth!

I am grateful for time away and time to reflect. I return with a new set of dreams and priorities and some fabulous photographs for the Almqvist Collection... of three beautiful boys growing older and wiser (more handsome and eccentric) by the day! As for myself? I just grow... ever more grateful to be alive!

We welcomed the magical year 2012 in the closest place Planet Earth offers to Paradise: pristine... a reminder of what our Emerald & Turquoise Planet should be, from Pole to Pole. Let's hold that vision and make it reality!

Typing this up at Home Sweet Home: and now we are all going to go downstairs and listen to Quinn's first performance on his new electric guitar! THE ALMQVISTS ROCK!!! : )

By Imelda Almqvist
Vessel Name: Queen's Ransom III
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 520
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
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