2014 Journey South

24 April 2015 | Fishing Bay, near Deltaville, DE
23 April 2015 | Norfolk, VA to Fishing Bay, VA
22 April 2015 | Coinjock NC to Norfolk VA
21 April 2015 | Alligator River to Coinjock, NC
20 April 2015 | Dowry Creek Marina NC to Alligator Rivet Marin, NC.
19 April 2015 | River Dunes Marina, Near Oriental to Upper Dowry Creek Marina, NC
18 April 2015 | Mile Hammock Bay NC to Oriental NC
17 April 2015 | Southport, NC to Mile Hammock Bay, NC
16 April 2015 | Osprey Marina,SC to Southport, NC
15 April 2015 | Georgetown to Osprey Marina, SCnear Myrtle Beach.
14 April 2015 | McClellanville to Georgetown
13 April 2015 | Charleston to McClellanville
12 April 2015 | Philadelphia to Charleston
27 February 2015 | Charleston, SC to PA via Vieginia Beach, VA
22 February 2015 | Charleston, SC
20 February 2015 | Charleston, SC
18 February 2015 | Charleston, SC
17 February 2015 | Charleston, SC
13 February 2015 | Charleston, SC.

That's it folks! Today we crossed over our outward track.

25 April 2015
Rod / Cold and bloody miserable!
At 5:27pm we reached Solomons Island, MD. We have crossed our outward path and will leave Rafiki here while we travel elsewhere for a few weeks.

It was a long day today traveling from Deltaville (Fishers Bay),VA. to Solomons Island about 54 miles. We left a little before 7:30am waving goodbye to Swiftwing and saying a few words on the VHF and wishing them a good trip south.

We anticipated10-15 knots of wind out on the Bay but for most of the day saw less than 10 knots and had to resort to motor sailing. It was grey and miserable and in the early afternoon the rain caught up with us.

Because we had anticipated sailing we did not take fuel at the marina in Fishing Bay deciding to leave before they opened. We had to use one of our Gerry cans as we were running low. Dave was reluctant to use the fuel as it had been on board for months, however it would have been ridiculous to run dry and airlock the system with 15 gallons on board! It looked clear and we have had no problems. The remaining cans are destined to be poured into our oil tank at home. We have not taken fuel since the Alligator River!

Tonight we are at anchor in Mill Creek near Solomons. We have our space heater on to warm up and have had a refreshing cup of tea. Later we will have a celebratory dinner aboard.

Tomorrow we will take our slip and begin to remove all our cruising gear and give Rafiki a wash and brush up before we leave her. She is a great boat and has served us well.

In review, our winter trip south did not work out as planned. We travelled a long way, about 1,000 miles in total down the east coast of the USA and back. Through busy and remote areas of great natural beauty, some can only be seen from a boat. It was an adventure rather than a vacation and we met some great people. I would rather not have met the staff at Riverside Hospital, but they made me well so I could continue the journey! When the winter weather caught up with us we enjoyed our time in Charleston and were able to get to know it well. The weather on our return trip has been benign. It's been mild apart from the last 2 days and although very rainy we have only had one weather delay. This has allowed us to make excellent time and we have 5 days in hand. It's all good. As a friend said the other day, "the Bahamas will still be there next year!"
Vessel Name: Rafiki
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 373
Hailing Port: Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Crew: David & Ros Hall
About: David is a retired maritime consultant and Ros was a realtor and registered nurse.
Extra: Originally from the UK and Ros grew up in Tanganyika. Rafiki is the Swahili word for friend.
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Who: David & Ros Hall
Port: Wallingford, Pennsylvania