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24 February 2009 | Cartagena, Columbia
20 February 2009 | Columbia
19 February 2009 | Aruba
18 February 2009 | Aruba
17 February 2009 | Couracao
15 February 2009 | Aruba
08 February 2009 | Spanish Waters Curacao
08 February 2009 | Bonaire and Curacao
13 January 2009 | Bonaire
10 January 2009 | Bonaire and Curacao
08 January 2009 | Spanish Waters Curacao
20 December 2008 | Bonaire
24 November 2008 | Bonaire
24 November 2008 | Las Aves de Barlavento
19 October 2008 | Marina Bahia Redonda Puerto la Cruz
09 September 2008 | Las Aves de Barlavento
08 September 2008 | Las Aves de Barlavento
06 September 2008 | Las Aves de Barlavento
06 September 2008 | Las Aves de Barlavento
06 September 2008 | Los Roques

Linda's mom comes to Curacao

17 February 2009 | Couracao
pilott / clear and breezy
After David and Nikkie headed for Ca we had about 3 weeks to hang out and prepare for a visit from Linda's mom. She arived on the 16th 0f Dec at about 8pm. we rented a car and went to meet her at the airport. She arrived tired, hungry and happy to be there. We drove back to the fishermans marina at Spanish Waters and loaded her into the dinghy and puttered out to the boat. There was time for a little conversation before the snooze monster attacked and sent us off to bed. Since we still had the rental car we decided that the first order of business would be to show Elsie the island and Willemstad. After playing tourist we decided to head out to Klien Curacao for a night on the way to Bonaire. Once again the wx cooperated nicely and we had a very pleasant run out o Klien. We anchored in the same sandy spot as last time and were soon snorkeling in the clear waters above the coral. Next, Linda took Elsie ashore to visit the lighthouse and the wrecks on the windard side. They had a long walk on the beach and then called for the taxi (me) to pick them up. The next morning we pulled the hook and raised the main sail and heahed off to Bonaire. We had a very nice sail about 3/4's of the way and then had to motor in the final couple of miles. We picked up a mooring at the end away from the bars and then went ashore to show Elsie the town. As is usually the case she liked Bonaire far better that Curacao. It has a quaint relaxed atmosphere that is very soothing. Elsie spent some time sitting on the sugar scoop feeding the sargent major fish that tend to swarm around the boats looking for a handout. After 2 days and nights it was time to head back to Curacao so Elsie could catch her flight home. This time it was a downwind run all the way so we shook out the spinnaker and took off. About 6 hrs later were were entering Spanish Waters once again. It was a good trip and every one enjoyed themselves, and Elsie can truly say she's done a spinnaker run in open water.

Vessel Name: Rainbowrider
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 410 catamaran
Hailing Port: Corpus Christi, Tx
Crew: Gary and Linda Lott
About: One retired fire pilot and one semi-retired RN. Off to see the wizard or whatever adventure comes along first. Do it till it isn't fun anymore.
Extra: Point the pointy end downwind and go for it.
Rainbowrider's Photos - Venezuela (Main)
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Hey, you looking at me?
The little key hole bay of Cieganita where we stage for trips further offshore.
The amazing new lighthouse on the SE corner of Isla Margarita
Scarlet Ibis in the mangroves at the far east end of the Golfo de Cariaco
Underneath the falls at El Sapo.
Bring it on!
Linda and the bionic pilot beneath the falls at El Sapo.
The path beneath the falls.
The rocky road back fron the falls.
Running the rapids down from the falls.
Linda and the bionic pilot at the base of Angel Falls.
The main falls at Canaima with 2 tepuis (Flat topped, vertical walled mountains) in the background. These are the mountains that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write "The Lost World".
Angel Falls, 3000+ ft of free falling water. Highest in the world.
Red water creek, due to the tannins from rotting vegetation in the water.
Another look at Angel Falls.
The main falls at Canaima.
Our buddy boat, Gypsy Palace on a mooring below Le Petit Piton, St Lucia
Sunset at the pitons
The pharmacy at the abandoned leper colony on Chacachacare Island
Looking out over the old supply dock at Rainbowrider and Gypsy Palace anchored in Chacachacare Bay
The old curch at the leper colony
Decorations to a Hindu home during the festival of lights in Trini
an exotic flower at the Asa Wright Bird Sanctuary in the northern mountains of Trinidad
a jungle swimming hole at Asa Wright
Well, there goes the neighborhood! Sharing the anchorage at Chaguramas with an oil drilling rig.
Leatherback Turtle laying her eggs in the sand of a beach on the Atlantic side of Trini
She is approximately 400lbs and in a trance while she lays her eggs. That is why we can take pics and touch her without disturbing her.
Dawn arrival in Trinidad after getting our butts kicked by a squall during our night crossing from Grenada.
Devils Hole northwest corner of Antigua
Semms like the brain coral is the healthiest  one around
A really nice patch of healthy elkhorn coral
The sea fans are also doing well
You no longer see many healthy gardens of staghorn coral like this. It was a real treat.
more staghorn
A colorful Bar and Restuarant in Roseau, capitol of Dominica
orchids and other bromiliads
more exotic flowers at the botanical gardens
Koy pond at the botanical gardens
This used to be the slave kitchen at the sugar mill, today it
Incredible flowers at the botanical gardens in De Hay, Guadaloupe
more flowers
Feeding the lorikeets at the botanical gardens
Linda on the steps of the old sugar mill on Nevis
Rainbowrider at anchor in Luperon bay in the DR
Old sugar mill tower now a honeymoon suite in Nevis
up a lazy (mangrove) river in route to the ECO resort
Lunch at the resort with the cruising crew (5 boats)
the battery in the fortress at the mouth of the river anchorage in Santo Domingo,DR
Linda standing in a gun port in the inner redoubt, same fortress
slide for life at the 27 waterfalls in the DR
Linda and I climb the rocks for a leap into the pool below
Live healthy Stag horn coral
ECO resort in the mountains of the Dominican Republic
Linda taking a leap of faith into one of the 27 waterfalls in the DR
Oldest church in the "new world" in Santa Domingo, DR
The battery of El Morro fortress in San Juan Puerto Rico
Arriving at the Pitons on St Lucia. This one is Le Petit Piton, the smaller one.
Up the Indian River in Dominica, where parts of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was filmed.
Linda and I at the fort above Marigot Bay, St Martin.
At the old sugar mill on Nevis with Tom and Chrissy from Rock and Roll. It
Fresh fish for dinner tonight in Antigua
Devils hole on the NE corner of 
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Created 11 January 2010
Our visit to this ancient city. A place where history lives and surrounds you.
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Created 17 February 2009
Rainbowriders adventures in Bonaire, Curacao' and Aruba
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Created 1 October 2008
On the desert penisula of Paria on the north coast of Venezuela is an enormous lagoon surrounded by red clay hills and desert foliage. There are only about three families that live on it's barren shores. It is a place of immense silence and stark beauty. A peaceful place where the greatest concern is which hill to climb or watercourse to walk and explore today.
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Pictures of Isla Blanquilla, Margarita,Tortuga and Los Roques and Las Aves
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These are stories of the travels of Rainbowrider and her intrepid crew We have been out for almost 4 years now and will remain out here until it's no longer fun. We have found a community of boaters and friends who will always come to the rescue if needed. Otherwise they will just be there to help with whatever you may need help with. When help is not needed they will leave you in peace with the sure and certain knowledge that assistance is only a radio call away