Rancho Deluxe Transpac 2007

25 July 2007
25 July 2007 | Honolulu
24 July 2007 | Honolulu!!!
23 July 2007 | 22 40.726n; 154 45.696w
22 July 2007 | 22 27.991n; 148 26.979w
21 July 2007 | 22 14.916n; 146 44.227w
20 July 2007 | 22 08.267n; 142 49.184w
19 July 2007 | 23 12.051n; 139 30.923w
18 July 2007 | 22 42.833n; 137 09.242w
18 July 2007 | 22 36.210n 136 00.012w
18 July 2007 | 23 56.402n:132 48.546w
17 July 2007 | 23 56.402n:132 48.546w
17 July 2007 | 25 44.963n:130 16.878w
16 July 2007 | 25 44.963n:129 46.391w
16 July 2007 | 25 44.963n:130 16.878w
15 July 2007 | 26 14.686n:125 56.667
14 July 2007 | 27 47.590n:122 11.747
13 July 2007
11 July 2007 | Long Beach
10 July 2007 | Long Beach

Rancho Deluxe is in the house!

17 July 2007 | 23 56.402n:132 48.546w
Good Morning!

We had another night of driving into a black hole. Great crew work, bad jokes and a stellar tactical call (let's gybe and I mean NOW) have catapulted is into FIRST PLACE! Right now, the first three boats in the fleet standings are from Northern California; us, and our friends on Chipango - Santa Cruz, and Kokopelli from San Francisco. We would love to see a Nor Cal sweep, but the big fast boats have just recently left Long Beach and will be breathing down our necks any day now.

It's still a LONG way to the beach. We have to start playing some defense now and protect our lead. This could get very interesting due to the uncertainty of what Cosme will do to the wind patterns near Hawaii.

Will there be trades? Will the wind build? Will there be wind or just a huge vacuum?

Lots of wild cards ahead which will provide challenging tactical decisions.

Life on board is pretty simple. You eat, sleep, hydrate, pull on a rope or drive the bus. The day is divided into these activities. Along with watching for sea life and listening to bad jokes. Today we will be half way to Hawaii and the worst news is that we are out of chocolate. If somebody would please arrange for an air drop I'm craving an Almond Joy and some M & M's...and we now have zero. Apparently Ty's view of "I have way too much candy for these guys" and what we are capable of eating are ocean's apart.

Vessel Name: Rancho Deluxe
Vessel Make/Model: Swan 45
Hailing Port: Newport, Rhode Island
Crew: Michael Diepenbrock, John Diepenbrock, Jim Diepenbrock, Seadon Wijsen, Carlos Badell, Andrew Lewis, Ty Pryne, Matt Davis
Home Page: http://sailblogs.com/members/ranchodeluxe/
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Coastal Cup 4: Mike and Carlos during Santa Barbara race
Coastal Cup 7: Just before sunset, Morro Bay style
Coastal Cup 8: Just another sunset tour down the coast
Coastal Cup 3: Early sailing in the Santa Barbara Race...before it got "interesting"
San Francisco to Santa Barabara race
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Created 6 July 2007

Who: Michael Diepenbrock, John Diepenbrock, Jim Diepenbrock, Seadon Wijsen, Carlos Badell, Andrew Lewis, Ty Pryne, Matt Davis
Port: Newport, Rhode Island