Rancho Deluxe Transpac 2007

25 July 2007
25 July 2007 | Honolulu
24 July 2007 | Honolulu!!!
23 July 2007 | 22 40.726n; 154 45.696w
22 July 2007 | 22 27.991n; 148 26.979w
21 July 2007 | 22 14.916n; 146 44.227w
20 July 2007 | 22 08.267n; 142 49.184w
19 July 2007 | 23 12.051n; 139 30.923w
18 July 2007 | 22 42.833n; 137 09.242w
18 July 2007 | 22 36.210n 136 00.012w
18 July 2007 | 23 56.402n:132 48.546w
17 July 2007 | 23 56.402n:132 48.546w
17 July 2007 | 25 44.963n:130 16.878w
16 July 2007 | 25 44.963n:129 46.391w
16 July 2007 | 25 44.963n:130 16.878w
15 July 2007 | 26 14.686n:125 56.667
14 July 2007 | 27 47.590n:122 11.747
13 July 2007
11 July 2007 | Long Beach
10 July 2007 | Long Beach

Afternoon Update

18 July 2007 | 22 42.833n; 137 09.242w
So we've had a great day of sailing and have covered the most miles toward Hawaii yet. We are currently 1,100 miles from mai tai madness...and the natives are restless!

Today, we were introduced to the tradition of a half way beer. Now I have always been a fan of the cleansing beer, but I've never met a half way beer. As we are on a dry boat, I was quite pleased to be handed an ice cold Heineken with my sandwich this afternoon to celebrate us hitting the half way mark.

On board we have Andrew Lewis (Junior), Matt Gravis, and Ty Pryne three professional sailors, Ty and Junior are from Waikiki and we are delivering them to their families. Junior and Matt are full time professional sailors and travel the globe racing boats. Junior recently completed the Volvo Round the World race and they both he and Matt were involved in the Americas Cup.

The three of them speak a different language and we thought we would introduce you to a new dictionary, the professional sailors dictionary. Here are some examples:

Piss Fit; ability to consume massive amounts of alcohol and still function. As example, Joe is incredibly piss fit, I hate going drinking with that guy. Translation, it's gonna get ugly tonight.

Mushi Mushi; all purpose phrase, it's a noun, a verb, an adverb and adjective. Hey Johnny mushi mushi it's your watch...in other words get the freak out of bed. Or hey baby do you wanna mushi mushi? Guessing this does not need translation.

Sh*t Fight; technical term used when things don't go right. This morning we wrapped the spinnaker in a gybe, it was a real sh*t fight. Translation we spent a good deal of time yelling and screaming at ropes and sails this morning.

Looking like yet another dark night with cloud cover and no moon - driving into the black hole yet again.

Vessel Name: Rancho Deluxe
Vessel Make/Model: Swan 45
Hailing Port: Newport, Rhode Island
Crew: Michael Diepenbrock, John Diepenbrock, Jim Diepenbrock, Seadon Wijsen, Carlos Badell, Andrew Lewis, Ty Pryne, Matt Davis
Home Page: http://sailblogs.com/members/ranchodeluxe/
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Coastal Cup 4: Mike and Carlos during Santa Barbara race
Coastal Cup 7: Just before sunset, Morro Bay style
Coastal Cup 8: Just another sunset tour down the coast
Coastal Cup 3: Early sailing in the Santa Barbara Race...before it got "interesting"
San Francisco to Santa Barabara race
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Created 6 July 2007

Who: Michael Diepenbrock, John Diepenbrock, Jim Diepenbrock, Seadon Wijsen, Carlos Badell, Andrew Lewis, Ty Pryne, Matt Davis
Port: Newport, Rhode Island