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What’s it like living on the boat

12 August 2018 | Berkeley Marina
View below decks through the cockpit doors

The entire walking area below deck is about equivalent to that of a medium size kitchen. While you're sailing, that doesn't matter because you have all the activity in the cockpit and on the fore deck. But when you're docked in the marina there is the distinct danger of "cabin fever." Rapture is a self-sufficient little home with lots of storage space and a huge water tank, toilets (the head), shower stall, fridge and freezer with stove and oven and sink(the galley), and plenty of battery/solar/engine power to charge all the many electrical machines and devices on board. So, theoretically we wouldn't need to take more than about 400 steps per day. If our little house didn't move, we'd be barking in a week!

But, we're at the marina so we're plugged into shore power and the yacht club is just up the dock. So we walk up to use the loo to avoid overfilling our waste tank that costs to have pumped out. We also use the yacht club showers so we can store all the stuff we haven't found room for yet in the shower. The marina laundry facility is about half a mile walk on the other side of the fairway. There's a shopping center about a mile away with a really nice wine shop! Of course, we still have our car, but that will change on D-day. The cost for all this is about $750 a month as a live-aboard (plus Yacht Club membership fees and Berkeley City Mud tax). As a visitor, the average night in a marina in California costs about $50 a night which is a steal compared to hotels.

This marina is quiet in a lovely location. That's not true of all marinas. But no matter where we've been, live-aboards are always friendly, helpful and welcoming. Our first week here, we were invited over for tacos. And the best thing is, if we don't like the neighbors, we can cast off the lines and move our little home. This is what it will be like in most marinas. We plan to spend most of the time moored or anchored out, coming in to dock when we need to provision or do the laundry.
Vessel Name: Rapture
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 40 LRC
Hailing Port: Berkeley, CA
Crew: Greg Newman, Susan Wells
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The Food Saver vacuum sealer is a really useful device. The aluminum packs contain a 2 person serving. They just need to be defrosted and thrown in the oven - no prep work required. We could bake all 3 at once, or the crew that is sleeping can bake theirs when they wake up.
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Memorial day cruise from San Fran down to Monterey, but we turned West at Santa Cruz for about 50 miles before tacking North for a direct beam reach back to San Fran.
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The second overnight cruise. San Fran North West to Pt. Reyes, then south cutting east to Pillar Point and back to San Fran.
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