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03 September 2012 | Buffalo, NY
17 June 2012 | Lake Erie
15 June 2012 | Buffalo, Lake Erie
12 June 2012 | Buffalo, NY
08 June 2012 | Buffalo, NY
05 June 2012 | Buffalo, NY
31 May 2012 | Buffalo, NY
28 May 2012 | Buffalo, NY
31 December 1980 | Buffalo, NY

Where has the time gone?

03 September 2012 | Buffalo, NY
I haven’t posted much; it’s been a busy summer. So just a recap, I’ve been trying to get out on the water 2-3 times a week when possible but you know how that goes. I’ve really enjoyed the time with family & friends on the boat, it really is priceless. Each trip out is a new learning experience, and I must say I’m feeling more and more comfortable in the different aspects of sailing & weather conditions. I understand that sailing will always be a learning experience. I‘ve been exploring the anchoring thing, tacking, points of sail, and different docking techniques. My only hiccup since the Father Day keel incident was a ripped Main Sail around the first batten, maybe 5 inches. Not sure the exact cause of this but it is now repaired and is back in action. Looking for a spider fix, having arachnophobia (not really) me & spiders don’t mix. I’m dealing with them pretty good as we now share the same space, however any suggestions would be great as to how I can rid my boat of them. As I read all blogs starting up or beginning their new seasons of snow birding, I must say I’m jealous. However I wish everyone the best of luck, good times and safe trips. One day that will be me.

Fathers Day --- opps

17 June 2012 | Lake Erie
Sunny & warm
Well I’ll keep this short… What was suppose to be a special day with my Father, Mother, Wife, & kids started a bit SHAKY. Let me explain. So; new to sailing, minimal to no rain, and winds out of the east make for shallow water in the channel. How do I know this you ask, KEEL meet Sand, Sand meet Keel, yes it happened, with my parents on board. Heading out motoring through the channel markers, I felt a bump? What could that be a log or debris? Not sure. Continuing to motor along, wait for it; BUMP, BUMP, Shake, 3.5 water levels. I immediately dropped to neutral, then reverse and gave it her all; I managed pretty easily to maneuver free from the nice sandy bottom. Not the way I wanted to start the day off. I put the boat through some maneuvers all seemed well; I guess I was lucky they dredge the channel, and it wasn’t a reef or rocky bottom. Now in my defense the water levels are pretty shallow anyway usually about 6 to 7 going out, with a rain forest of seaweed growing. Now I’m not sure if I'm reading the true bottom or the top of the seaweed. We made the best of this trip with my Father & family and all was well. The lesson learned is that I watch other sailboats go out first, then I proceed, and if the winds out of the East then it’s a no go. I will however be finding a new marina next year, one that’s keel friendly.

Oh that how this works!

15 June 2012 | Buffalo, Lake Erie
Vinnie / Sunny light winds
It was A-Bow't-Time that my sails met the wind, finally today we made it happen. All though the wind was only blowing about 6 -8, we figured this was a good start for us. It was me and Dr. Geoff again today as my wife wanted us to explore the sails alone until we figured out how they work. Having completed sailing 101 on Tuesday, I'd say we did pretty well for our first solo experience on my boat. It was smooth, quiet, and peaceful underway at about 4 knots given the wind he had. Everyday is a learning process. Father's day is my next target day to get out with the family and of course my father who started this dream some time ago.

Sailing 101

12 June 2012 | Buffalo, NY
So my good buddy Dr. Geoff surprised me with a one day intro to sailing course. It offered an all hands on sailing experience, covered different points of sail, nautical terms, and rules of the road. The course was offered through Sail Buffalo Sailing School and Sail Club, which offers nationally accredited sailing education (ASA) certifications. Great experience, we sailed the entire time which was a great confidence booster for me. I am planning this week to raise the sails on A-Bow't-Time for the first time.
It was such a peaceful feeling while we were underway with the wind driving us through the lake, the heel of the boat and continued thought of life after retirement. It was just an awesome experience. I must say during the training we even hit a little weather, as a storm quickly rolled in on us, as quick as it came in it was gone, I was soaked and a bit nervous. All and all it added to the experience. I might even sign up with Sail Buffalo for further instruction and my ASA certification.

A three hour tour.

08 June 2012 | Buffalo, NY
Vinnie / Sunny and warm
Just sit right back and you’ll here a tale…. Not so fast this three hour tour was just relaxing. Today it was just me and the wife out on A-Bow’t-Time. We left the marina and set out to explore some of the areas of interest for this upcoming season. Found a marina that offered diesel fuel, restaurants to dock up at, and a harbor party zone which offers live music on Thursdays from well known acts. It was great to spend time with the wife as this was her first experience on the water with me. She needed me to have some wheel time first she said prior to her coming out. She was loving life, I briefly suggested we could quit our jobs, and sell everything and live a life aboard, she said not so fast.
Now that I am quite comfortable with the motoring, docking, and handling of the boat, I think its time to call Captain Ron. Captain Ron will be my guide as we finally raise the sheets and begin the next phase of this journey. We finished our afternoon with a bowl of clam chowder and some sweet potato fries at the “Dive”. That is all……


05 June 2012 | Buffalo, NY
Vinnie / Overcast with the sun poking in & out
Well, I woke this morning no not on the boat, but in my home. I was anxious to get to the boat and bring my new cockpit cushions to her. I had them custom made for a great price. (I'll get some pictures sooner or later) So I called my BROTHER Mike to come out to the boat with me for his first time, he was quick to jump on that offer as it always nice to spend time with family. (We all live in the same sub division) We started out to the marina which is only about a 15 minute drive. We made our way down to the boat with all the new goodies. The weather was looking pleasant, so do I dare say we set off for a quick motoring in the harbor. Sure why not, never attempting this solo I figured now or never. I had my brother on the bow with a hook and I released the stern line. By this time I had asked my brother to release the bow lines as the tossed her in reverse. Well; not so fast bow lines were locked up, so I managed to find neutral then head to the bow to help my brother. This is when it got interesting. Now in neutral, no stern line, and focused on the bow lines our back end was drifting towards my neighbor's boat. Glad I have fenders all over the boat for this newbie. OH BROTHER it was close. We managed to free the bow lines and set off without any further issues. 45 minutes later it was time to dock her now for the first time solo. Captain Ron had the helm last time, well no Captain Ron today just Captain Vinnie, well it went flawless. Ahhhhh I feel good about today's experience. Live and learn, No I'm not reckless I'm just new. Confidence builder and loving it.
Vessel Name: A-Bow't-Time
Vessel Make/Model: 1984 Starwind 27
Hailing Port: Buffalo, NY
Crew: Vinnie, Heidi & the kids!
It started with a pinch of Jimmy Buffett, a splash of Rum, and a love for the beach. Added to that was watching countless videos of sailing on YouTube, multiple trips to our local Marina in Buffalo, and Palm Beach, Florida only to dream about life on the water. [...]
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Who: Vinnie, Heidi & the kids!
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