21 October 2012 | Bundaberg Port Marina
18 October 2012 | Great Keppel Island
18 October 2012 | On the way to Island Head Creek
06 October 2012 | 20 mils North West of Mackay
01 October 2012 | The Newry Islands
01 October 2012 | Thomas Island
24 September 2012 | The Great Barrier Reef
24 September 2012 | The Great Barrier Reef
24 September 2012 | North end of Hook Island
23 September 2012 | Black Island
22 September 2012 | Hayman Island
22 September 2012 | Shoalhaven Anchorage
17 September 2012 | Pioneer Bay, Abel Point
17 September 2012 | Double Bay East
17 September 2012 | Townsville to Bowen
26 August 2012 | Orpheus Island
19 August 2012 | Hinchenbrook Channel
18 August 2012 | Cairns
05 August 2012 | Low Islets
05 August 2012 | 8 miles Nth of Port Douglas

Sailing to Bundaberg

21 October 2012 | Bundaberg Port Marina
Great Keppel Island is a beautiful spot and definitely worth a longer stay. The water is so clear here that you can see everything on the bottom; shells, starfish, the anchor chain, and even the imprint of where the chain had been as the boat moved slightly during the night!!. But nasty south-easterly change is expected in 3 days time and although we have plenty of time to sail to Pancake Creek and hunker down there for a few days while it blows over, we’ve no guarantee we’ll have northerlies again to blow us home, so we decided to head straight for Bundaberg.

It’s a 30 hour trip if we can average 4 knots but there was absolutely no wind when we left GKI so we motored for a few hours before putting up the sails in a beautiful 8 knot breeze. We had to turn the engine back on later that night as our speed dropped to 2 knots which is a pity because it is glorious sailing at night in easy conditions. I had no problems with my watch (we do 3 hour shifts) but Jim watched a couple of blips on the radar getting progressively closer until he could see their lights and recognised them as container ships. They both passed within a half nautical mile of us but it is a scary experience as they draw close because you’re completely at their mercy...’Do they know we’re here’

The rest of the sail was uneventful and we arrived home happy though a little weary, still together, and already planning boat improvements of the summer and next year’s trip.

Island Head Creek (Again)

18 October 2012 | Great Keppel Island
We enjoyed a good overnight sail to Island Head, avoiding the uncomfortable anchorages of Curlew and the Percy Islands. Certainly more enjoyable than a night with North West winds in an unprotected anchorage.
Ten days without internet gave Susie’s new iPhone a rest and she took to the surf ski with a vengeance. Fishing was not as good as we have experienced it in the past; some of that due to the fishermen rather than the fish. The guys in the next boat were catching yabbies and bucket loads of whiting. We, on the other hand couldn’t catch a yabbie and the whiting turned their noses (if they had one) up at our proffered squid.
Despite some windy conditions the weather was fine and sunny and we had no issues with sandflies or mosquitoes. It is a gorgeous spot and we will be back again and again.
With a good forecast for a few days Northerlies we departed IHC for Great Keppel Island and after a long day arrived just on nightfall.

Mystery Solved

18 October 2012 | On the way to Island Head Creek
We left Mackay in no wind (what a difference a day makes) and didn’t bother hoisting the main until a light breeze came in around lunch time. Jim noticed that one of the batons was not attached to the track and I realised that this was cause of all our grief over the last two days; the pin we’d found connected the baton end to the slug that slides up the track. It was a simple matter to drop the sail and slip the pin back in. Mystery solved.
Vessel Name: Redeemed
Vessel Make/Model: MICHEL FRANCQUEVILLE 40ft (12m) Cutter/Sloop
Hailing Port: Port of Bundaberg, Australia
Crew: Jim Stevens (Skipper), Susie (The Admiral)
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Who: Jim Stevens (Skipper), Susie (The Admiral)
Port: Port of Bundaberg, Australia