Red Sheilla Sailing

2008 Beneteau 49 Racing 2022 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race

Snakes and Ladders Cup

Event Description:
Snakes and Ladders Cup is a 180+ miles, choose your own adventure, race that will take place between September 4th-7th
Start Time:
15:00 Friday September 4th, (no horns + start is completely on the honour system)
- The Start line is a line from the Eastern End of Imrie Island (48° 41.672' N 123° 19.944' W) and Bouy UH (48° 41.253' N 123° 19.225' W)
- Rosenfeld Rock Buoy U59 port (48° 48.188' N 123° 1.633' W)
- Please Respect Whale Sanctuary Zones
- Sisters Island to Port (49° 29.193' N 124° 26.096'
- Please record time when The Beacon is Bearing 180mag. Email Sisters rounding reports to - Return Leg
• Halibut Bank Bouy to Starboard (49° 20.389' N 123° 43.686' W)
• Rosenfeld Rock Buoy U59 Starboard (48° 48.188' N 123° 1.633' W)
- Respecting Whale Sanctuary
- Boats may leave both marks to stb but are only required to leave one to stb)

- To finish A boat must enter a Triangle Drawn between Imrie Island (48° 41.672' N 123° 19.944' W, Bouy UH 48° 41.253' N 123° and the Lateral Marker on Grieg Rocks (48° 40.858' N 123° 20.405' W)
• After finishing please email with the following:
- The Time you entered the finish triangle
- A picture of your GPS with the time showing at the point of finish
- Confirm what you believe is your correct rating for scoring
- If you know or are able to see either the boat
ahead or boat behind.
Time Limit:
There is no time limit but results will begin to be tabulated Sunday at 18:00 and updated as finish reports are received. A winner will be declared on Monday at 18:00 unless a boat still racing can possibly correct to finish in the top 3.
Results will be calculated TOT using PHRF BC Ratings or best guess at equivalent
- All boats are to meet Canadian Coast Guard Requirements and it is suggested Boats meet SER Costal Requirements
- Racing Rules of sailing are to be used between boats racing during the day. Col regs are to be used at night. Respect traffic separation zones and remain aware of all vessels
- Please respect Covid 19 restrictions and guidelines. Some information can be found here on BC Sailing's website;
- All boats are encouraged to download and record
"RaceQs" and record the race while sailing (more details to follow)
Please email: with any questions or comments or with intention to participate with PHRF Rating.