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12 September 2007 | Oxnard, Ca
02 August 2007 | Oxnard, California
06 July 2007 | Oxnard, California
06 July 2007 | Oxnard, California
06 July 2007 | Oxnard, California
26 June 2007 | Oxnard, Ca

Three days in one!

12 September 2007 | Oxnard, Ca
No picture this time, but qute a story. Nick and I departed he Channel Islands Marina at around 9:30am headed to the Islands. It was a little breezy but no more than 13 knots. Our goal was to be out at Santa Cruz Island for three days. Didn't expect for rough weather.

Approximately 7 miles out, the wind racked up to 25 knots and above coming from the northwest. Thats not all! The swells were reaching 10 feet coming at us from the west. We didn't give up. I got really sea sick at that point and Nick took over. I was able to recover a few times but for no more than half an hour at a time. I think I will go and get some perscription meds for it since it attacks me more often than not lately.

We beat against the wind, waves, and tide for a few more hours and were able to make it about 1 mile off of Anacapa Island at about 3:30pm. That is where we got stuck. No matter how we approached, we could not make ANY headway. It was crunch time and decided that it was time to go back to the marina. If we had continued, we may have made it to Frenchy's after dark. We did not want to do that and decided that with just two crewing (one sea sick) it would be safer to go back.

We made great time getting back at about 5-6 knots while towing a kayak. We made it back to port by the skin of our teeth at dusk. Looks like we have a lot to do to get ready for the Baja Haha 2009. We'll do it though.

Daysail to Ventura Pier

02 August 2007 | Oxnard, California
Today, Nick and I had two greenhorn crewmembers - Julio and Duke. For being new to sailing, they both enjoyed themselves. We left Channel Islands Harbor at 1000am and headed Northwest towards Ventura. It was overcast most of the day but with great visibility. When we reached Ventura, the sun came out for about an hour and then hid behind the clouds. While underway, chef Nick roasted some sausages on the hibachi grill. They were excellent as always. The most wind we saw was about 13 Knots which took us a max of 7 knots. When we returned to the slip, we went for Sushi at the local sushi spot within walking distance. All in all, it was a great day!

Sail to Anacapa Island

06 July 2007 | Oxnard, California
A bit late to post as recent, but it is part of the chrinicles of the Red Witch.

On the above date at approx 0930 hrs, we shoved off to Anacapa Island. The Crew - Nick, Taylor, Jeremy, and myself. Motor-sailed northwest to Ventura where we shut the engine and tacked south-southwest towards Anacapa Island.

Light winds for most the ways and the dinghy in tow made for a long trip. We arrived at Frenchy's at around 4:00pm where we anchored. First time we anchored, I miscalculated and thought it was low tide going to high. Where in fact it was the opposite. We re-anchored about 350 feet from the little rock island that is off shore of Frenchy's.

After putting the hook in for the second time, Taylor free-dove down to check the bite. Looked good. That's when we noticed the birds.

THere must have been thousands of pelican and gulls on the shore. All jocking for position to attack the first one of us who landed on shore. Strange thing, is that on the Red Witch's first voyage to the island (which fell almost exactly a year ago), there were very few birds. Most being gulls nesting on the cliffs.

Ah well, we went ashore and had a nice dinner of sausages grilled on Nick's Hibachi. We went back to the Witch and had a few rounds before drifting off to sleep. Well, maybe not sleep.

Frenchy's is a nice place to visit but is unprotected from the wake of the many freightor ships navigating the Santa Barbara channel. The whole night we were rocked by the wake and concerned about the anchor letting go of its bite. It did not let go and we awoke to a beautiful morn. the next day.

Because of the bird situation, we did not want to stick around too long because of the flys that we knew would eventually meander over to the yacht (we learned that the hard way a year ago).

No wind. We pulled the hook and motored all the way back. Good thing for the autopilot. Had Jeremy and Taylor on watch while Nick and I (eventually) took a nap.

Awoke to the engine running out of gas approximately 3 miles off shore. Both Jeremy and Taylor looked as though they enjoyed their nap as well. Hmm... Who was keeping watch? One thing is for sure, although there is always an adventure to be had on the Witch, she always gets us back safely.

Got back to the harbor at around 3:30pm on the 12th. Everyone had a good time though Nick and Jeremy really did not like the birds. Next Island trip will most likely be to Santa Cruz Island.
Vessel Name: Red Witch
Vessel Make/Model: 1978 Morgan 30-2
Hailing Port: Channel Islands Harbor, California
Crew: Nick, Taylor, Esteban
Nick is Co-owner of the Red Witch. He is also a regular at crewing. New to sailing, he has picked it up very quickly. Taylor is a regular at crewing the Red Witch. He is also new but quick to pick up sailing. He is also very handy and a crack scubadiver. [...]
Extra: So far, we have sailed to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands. We hope to continue our adventures exploring the California Channel Islands. We also plan on participating the 2009 Baja Haha race.
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