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Ready to head out

06 December 2014
Saturday, December 6, 2014

Well….Jorge finished servicing and reinstalled our winches, as well as a few other chores on Thursday. So Friday we dropped the dingy and got her ready to go. Engine – check, fill up or Jerry cans, check…Ok the last big task accomplished, and our ‘CAR’ is good to go. Next, on to the exciting and oh so glamorous bilge cleaning. This is one of the few tasks that make me wish for a monohull…and a cleaning service!
But between the two of us Jim and I manage to contort our bodies along the hallways with the floor boards removed and pump out the water, clean the bottoms and double check the bilge pumps. We have to do this job together as it takes 4 hands, 2 for the bilge pump, one for the flashlight, and one for the grabber with the sponge attached. It’s a small space, a long reach for the arms and a true test of teamwork! We had these two tasks completed before 11:30, which was a boat record! After a long, wonderful phone conversation with Denise it was off to the showers, then off to shop.

All the shopping done, and then the long task of stowing it all…uugh! But finally the fridge is packed, and all our goodies are stashed away. Bottom line, if we don’t have it by now…we don’t need it!

So today, after cleaning both the heads it was off to the laundry for me, and scrubbing the boat for Jim. Then one last run to Walgreen’s and the car is returned, we’re all watered and iced up and ready to go tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Regenero
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 41 S2
Hailing Port: Chicago, IL
Crew: Jim & Karen Doyle
Jim retired from the legal field but continues to lecture and teach as an adjunct professor at several Universities both in Illinois and as well as a US MBA program in Eastern Europe. Karen is currently on hiatus from her job. [...]

Who: Jim & Karen Doyle
Port: Chicago, IL