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a week later finds us…at the same place

25 January 2015
Sunday, January 25, 2015
But we DID move in between! I have discovered that when we move less often, it’s even harder to keep up with the blog…but I figure that if I can keep to weekly reports then those at home will be OK with it. So, here’s to catching everyone up…

Last Sunday we relaxed and swam a little by the boat. Enroute & Dolci Vita arrived in the anchorage as well. During the course of the day several dolphins also visited the bay. One came in near sunset and was swimming round and round one of the boats ahead of us. Both Bill and Lee jumped in to swim with it. While Lee could not get close enough, Bill did manage to swim not an arms length away for a bit. A very cool experience, I could only wish I was closer to join in! The wind is low, and there is some roll in this area, which is fine for us, but not fine for our monohull friends. Monday, and a hike was arranged, however it turned out that it was only boys going as neither Bobbi & Colleen were able to sleep last night. I decided to stay aboard and clean and leave them to it. so while Jim, Gary & Bill scouted the island, I scrubbed and vinegar-ed, with my music up and blasting…FUN! When they returned DV & Enroute immediately took off to Waterlemon Cay, where the water was much calmer, and Jim got a haircut in advance of our dinner plans. Charles & Leslie have invited us along with Lee & Sharon over to Sea Smoke for a roast duck dinner! And oh my goodness was it AWESOME! Of course, Charles is an amazing chef, and I have been dreaming about this duck since before Christmas when it was discussed. The reality was worth every ounce of anticipation, as the company was great fun as well.

Tuesday we decided to head over to Waterlemon ourselves, picked up a mooring near our friends, and then headed over to the Cay for a snorkel. The sea conditions are very light, so the snorkeling was nice here. Bill & Colleen have spent the day working hard on their boat, and when Bill swam over around 4pm a happy hour was planned. Hoofbeats, DV, Enroute all converged aboard, and we enjoyed a relaxing time visiting and laughing with friends.

Wednesday - Jan 21…and today is a big day. We are hiking over to Skinny Legs, a famous restaurant in Coral Bay. ‘Over’, actually means UP and over, and while the distance isn’t great…maybe 1.8 miles the elevation IS, and so off and UP we go! There are 8 of us, Hoofbeats, Enroute, Dolci Vita and so as we are all committed to the trip, we pick everyone up in our big dink, and just beach one boat, then feet rinsed and dried, shoes on and off we go. It is a beautiful hike, thru the forest, past several ruins and up, up the hills. We had done this part of the trip with the Backseaters a few years back, all the way to the top of the hill. We just didn’t know what was available on the other side! We reached the crest, then it was down, down, down, on a winedy excuse for a road until we reached the church at the bottom of the hill. Hmm….so this is the way back? Yuck! …but, since we are here now, we enjoy the little shops, the field full of feral goats and donkeys, a good burger at Skinny Legs, a walk over to a little grocery for bread, and then, well here we go, Up the hill. I have to say, it was not as bad a trip up as I anticipated, although I stopped a bunch, took many breathers, and finally crested the hill! YEAH…the hard part is is pretty much all downhill from here. We made it back to the boats and took a swim, then it was off our feet for the remainder of the day.

Thursday, we left Waterlemon this morning and headed back around to Francis for a few days. On Friday, we did boat chores, polished half the boats stainless, and cushioned several floorboards to quiet the creaking…it rained on and off today, so we also did a little boat scrubbing to tidy her up. A good, quiet day.

Saturday, Jan 24th…and my sister Cathy’s birthday! The Scoutleader is arranging a hike today and we along with 17 other people, from 9 other boats and a bunch of dingies found ourselves on the beach preparing for a hike over to Brown Bay. Some people cut off at the Annaberg plantation, others the end of Leinster Bay, 11 of us (plus 2 more boat friends we met up at the trailhead) went the distance to Brown Bay and while most made this their out point, 7 of us decided another trip to Skinny Legs could be done and so off we went along a new (to us), beautiful trail, that lead up and down, to a road, then the road led us UP!!! And eventually down, to Coral Bay, and a place to sit my tired bones down. Hoeken & Anna, from Unicorn are tracking the distance for us, and so far we are over 5 miles to this point. Great…but as we sit here enjoying the company, I find myself really trying not to think about the up, up, up that is the way back! An hour or so later…and fortified by another yummy burger, off we went, and after a brief stop at the stand at the base of the hill for a motivational treat (for later) we were on our way up the hill! Many breathless, heart-pounding moments later we were at the crest of the hill HURRAY! And on our way back to the boats. Since we are all in a different bay the walk home is much further than last time, but the worst is over, and so hoof it back we do, and after starting @ 9:30am, and taking about an hour for lunch, by 3pm we are back on the beach and on the way back to the boats….with a little coconut macaroon for everyone! Whew! What an accomplishment, what a day… I made sure to call my sister for her birthday and had a nice chat…then, it is time only for an ibuprofen, a seat on the foredeck, and cheese and crackers for dinner!

Today is Sunday, again and after talking to My bride Lisa in Florida and waiting for the rain to pass so we can start the generator, we are here in St John just enjoying life, and thanking God for the blessed life we have.
Vessel Name: Regenero
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 41 S2
Hailing Port: Chicago, IL
Crew: Jim & Karen Doyle
Jim retired from the legal field but continues to lecture and teach as an adjunct professor at several Universities both in Illinois and as well as a US MBA program in Eastern Europe. Karen is currently on hiatus from her job. [...]

Who: Jim & Karen Doyle
Port: Chicago, IL