Loving sunny S Cal!
Janet, sun sun sun!
09/23/2016, Channel Islands CA

We have been in Oxnard for about 4 days now, staying at a yacht club dock, Pacific Corinthian Yacht club. It is beautiful and more like a resort with swimming pool and hot tub. Most things are a walk or dinghy ride away. The beach reminds me of OR or WA beaches with wild surf, except of course we are in shorts and barefoot :)
Moving to another reciprocal slip tomorrow in Marina Del Ray. Looking for folding bikes and kayaks, we need some toys!
Channel Islands were very rugged and beautiful, but hard to find many anchorages or ways to get ashore. We did get in a few hikes that gave us great views. Pictures to follow! Will be going to Catalina Island next week, which is more commercial than any of the other ones. Hope to get some sailing in, we have either had little wind or so much that we had to tuck away for a few days.
Every day is a holiday, every meal a banquet!

09/12/2016, Monterey

Arrived in Monterey Friday 9-9-16 just in time for the Fiesta Italia. the marina square was jumping, food booths, craft booths and of course music. The main stage had continuous music for the entire weekend.Fiesta Italia is a celebration and a time to remember the fisherman lost at sea and the blessing for the fishing fleet. My prayers go out to all who have been lost at sea.
Between Cannery Row and The Fishing Pier there was lots to look at. We are currently anchored in Monterey Bay looking at the weather. Our next move is to San Simeon Bay, the weather has been coming out of the NW up until today and tomorrow when a small front coming from the north and the winds coming out of the SSW. Not sure we want to beat into. Traveling with two other boats Natural High and Kai Lani.. Looks like we will hold up a day or two and wait for more favorable winds to move south.
Every day's a holiday and every meals a banquet

Heading south from Santa Cruz
Janet. Sun yesterday. Fog thick this am
09/08/2016, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a unique place that has an amusement park right on the beach that looks like it was built in the fifties but has been taken care of. Getting to the beach is hard as there is only one small public dock for dinghies and this is covered with sea lions! We didn't feel like fighting them for dock space. So our exploration of this cool town will have to wait for another time. Anchorage is very rolly so we are waiting for fog to lift to go a little further to Capitola, which is supposed to be easier to get into. Had my heart set on riding on the roller coaster her but it only runs on weekends after Labor Day. ☹️ Oh well, being on the boat in the ocean is kind of like a roller coaster 😄⛵️

Half Moon Bay

After a rousing sail down the coast yesterday we arrived in this wonderful, peaceful spot. We are surrounded by fishing boats, birds of all types, grey whales, seals and sea lions! There must be hundreds of Pelicans diving and trying to fly. They put on quite a show! Chris' s nephew Scott and family live close to here and other family coming down this week for a birthday celebration.
Every day is a holiday ⛵️😄