Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Dewees creek

42nm in the ICW today to end up at Dewees creek, the exact same spot we sat out the edge of ex Hurricane Ida last year. Another windy child front is predicted to come in overnight, but shouldn't be anything like Ida. We know the holding is good here!

First Passage

A great passage all in all, departed Deltaville VA 7am Friday, and anchor down near Georgetown SC 8:15pm Sunday. According to the chart plotter, we did 387nm in 61 hours, an average of 6.3kts.
We had a reduced genoa for most of the trip until the...

Back again

We found her!
After nearly 5 months away, we now need to change back to our sailing caps, get Restless ready to go back in the water and move her down to Florida, chasing some warmer weather!
All was good on board, just a bit of mould in the...

End of sailing season

Hauled out on monday 7th. The end of another sailing season for us. Its been a very relaxed season, only going to the one country and exploring the beaches and anchorages the Bahamas has to offer. Of course we did not get to every island, we have to leave some...

Day 5 of passage

Noon to Noon: 136nm (then an extra 34nms to anchor)
Then when I came up on my 0900 watch, I enjoyed a coffee with Phil - I never feel like coffee on passage, but I was excited that we were nearly in. Between my excitement of the passage ending and the...

Day 4 of passage

Noon to Noon distance: 176nm
We found the Gulf Stream, but still have little wind, so motoring. Lots of sargassum (seaweed) in the water, sometimes so thick that we have to alter course to avoid it.
We were just sitting up enjoying the late...

Day 3 of passage

Noon to Noon Distance: 160nm
Still motor sailing, and some sailing time - I'm getting stronger muscles from hoisting and lowering the main so often. Usually we just have the genoa out in light winds so can easily furl and unfurl as needed, but not so...

Day 2 of passage

Noon till noon distance: 156nm
A beautiful day sailing, well for most of the day. We still had a double reef main and all the genoa out and were doingb6-8 knots, we were cracking along
We had lunch, mahi and rice, i had cleaned up and had just...

1st night

And we're off! Departed egg island, Spanish Wells 0730. A bit of a lumpy start, 1.5-2m waves with an occasional extra big one thrown in for good measure. Winds 20 - 25 a couple gusts in of 30kts. Needless to say, Phil took first watch! Just before lunch, with...

Spanish Wells

85nm sailed overnight, anchor dropped at 1130 in Spanish Wells. The evening continued to be beautiful sailing conditions but all that changed at 0730 when we found the squalls. Heavy rain, but not much wind. We could see a bank very large dark clouds up...