Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Haul Out

Hauled out today. Marina staff were excellent and it all went off without a hitch. Lovely marina, and so ends another sailing season for us. Zodi (our dinghy) will be heading to zodi heaven, we are unable to contain the leaking seams. Its bye bye to a good...

Anchor down

And we've arrived! (Yesterday on Thurs 28th) We came in the narrow channel to Jackson's creek between 2 storm cells. Just caught the edge of the first one with some thunder and lightning and some rain, but not much wind. Then dodging lots of fish traps we made...

Entering the bay

After a cold and wet night with lots of good sailing wing and wing, we are entering Chesapeake Bay.
Still another 40nm to get to the marina, but soon we will have tide with us that will push us along.

Still going

After a beautiful sunny morning with a mixture of sailing and motor sailing, we are currently in the middle of a small squall, that does not contain wind. Just a bit of rain, no thunderstorms so all good.
We've been making good progress, but have...

Out of the ICW

Today was another long day battling currents in the ICW. It was still very beautiful, sadly we saw many dead yachts and boats washed up, not sure why they are just abandoned. Today was cold and we were quite rugged up.
I think we averaged just 4 kts!...

Arrival storm

So, we are safe and sound at anchor at Southport North Carolina. Departed Wednesday 0615 Cape Titusville Fl arrived NC 0720 Saturday..364 nautical miles. Good passage really, lots of motoring, very fast sailing at 10kts whilst in the Gulf Stream, huge storms...

Last full day

Didnt fish today, theres no more room in our freezer! SY Oops still close to us, its nice to have their company. Our engine is still losing revvs occasionally, but we now know what the problem is...not the fuel filters, but the filter on the end of the tank...

Eating well tonight

0600 report: Had a great day....3 Mahi Mahi! We ate well for dinner
tonight! The first one was a good size, enough for us for 2 meals, the
next was smaller, but the third was 1.19m. And we only just landed it.
As we were hauling it...

On the move again

So we are doing a passage outside the ICW now to get some more miles under our belt north. Had a great sail once we popped out all
until about 0100 when the wind died and we had to motor. Had a huge storm way off to our port side on land early in the...

On our way again

Wind looks ok for the next few days, so have decided to make another ocean hop. Have really enjoyed the ICW, but need to get further north and this way we can do more miles faster!
Lots of manatees and dolphins in the ICW today, a beautiful couple...