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02 August 2019
01 August 2019
29 July 2019 | Formentera
28 July 2019 | Ibiza
23 July 2019
21 July 2019 | Fornells, Menorca
19 July 2019
18 July 2019
17 July 2019 | Ile Sainte Marguerite
12 July 2019
10 July 2019 | Bastia
09 July 2019 | Marciana Marina
08 July 2019 | Isola de Elba - Portoferraio
07 July 2019 | Near Santo Stefano
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04 July 2019
03 July 2019 | Pisa
02 July 2019 | Venice
01 July 2019 | Anzio


02 August 2019
Katrina Duncan

Day 3 1100am

01 August 2019
Katrina Duncan


29 July 2019 | Formentera
Katrina Duncan
A relaxed start, wanted to restock at Lidl, excellent for cheap groceries, and it looks like we might have a couple days at sea, so wanted to get some meat and supplies for easy meals at sea.
tried to refuel, but too many boats milling around also waiting, after 15mins we found out they were waiting for the fuel truck to arrive. Fuel dock empty!!
I phoned the marina at Formentera and as they had fuel, we headed over there instead of waiting. As it was, there were 3 other boats ahead of us and more kept coming.
The passage across was like a washing maching due to the high number of boats, of all shapes and sizes. I saw a list of 2 ferry companies, one had 28 sailings per day, the other 30 sailings each day to Formentera from Ibiza. That was just 2 companies. And amongst all this we saw a huge dolphin swimming and playing around our bow.
We headed into the marina, went straight on to the fuel dock and filled up for €1.44 a litre. Cheapest we've had for a while.
Then went to find a place to anchor in what looked like a parking lot for boats. We have found that getting an anchor spot is all about timing...fortunate timing of someone leaving as we are arriving. And today that happened. A yacht pulled out leaving us a large space in clear blue water with plenty of swing room. Perfect!!
Went into explore the little town (and get an icecream) then went ashore for a walk along the beach and a swim. Back to boat, stowed zodi away, amazing fish burgers for dinner. ( always get great fish from Lidl. Had the lure out the whole time, but no fish, so had to buy it instead)


28 July 2019 | Ibiza
Katrina Duncan
The bay we were anchored in at Majorca got choppy, the were strong winds coming and it was going to get worse so at 1930 after not doing much all day due to the lumpy swell, we departed and headed for Ibiza.
It was a lumpy ride (but the swell was big and long, so no bashing in to waves) the wind certainly did increase, but we only had it strong for about 4hrs before we were in the lee of Ibiza, and certainly didnt get it at its strongest.
Arrived Ibiza town at 0800. Went in to get some fuel, but found out it doesnt open until 0900 and there were alreay 2 big motor boats tied up waiting. We'll get it tomorrow.
Anchored up in a bay right off the town. Lots of thick seaweed and some rocks, but we found a large patch of sand to drop in. Had a sleep, then went to look around the town. Lots of places on the waterfront for dinner, had an icecream, did a little bit of shopping (found some Kopperburg cider) then back out to boat for another sleep. These one night passages knock you around a bit. 2 nights, you're getting into a pattern so not so tired.
Found a small restaurant in a group og 5 that was offering paella for 2 and 1L Sangria for €30. We asked to swap out the sangria, he was happy with that, so Phil got a beer and i got a cider. Right on the waterfront. Paella was a seafood one and very delicious! Happy days!


23 July 2019
Katrina Duncan

Best passage for me

21 July 2019 | Fornells, Menorca
Katrina Duncan
Upanchor 0500 saturday morning. Still quite dark, so Phil up on the bow watching for yellow buoys used to mark off the slow zone and i was on the helm. After about half hour we were out of the shallow waters and rounding the tip of the island and in clear water. Still quite dark in the mornings now.
Set the sails as the wind was in. The seas were flat and we were easily cracking 6kts. A good thing when we have 200nm to go.
The most amazing thing happened to me on our first day at sea. I saw a whale right next to the boat!! We have seen whales before, but never this close, or this relaxed. I was on watch, we were sailing along at about 6kts the wind was in and there were a few splashes on the hull from the small waves. I was standing in the companion way where we usually do our watch and i heard a much louder splash off to the stern. I looked around and there, right beside the boat was a massive whale head!!
I called out to Phil, scrambled to get my phone for a photo, it just cruised along checking us out, then dove down showing us the rest of its body. We could see it swimming alongside for a bit and then it was gone.
Typically in my scramble to get my phone to take a pic, i couldn't get it to turn on properly, besides, i was watching the whale. Huge disappointment to have one so close, yet have no photo of it. Luckily my internal camera was working and i will have the memory forever. Not being great with distance, i asked Phil how far away he thought it was, we agree, 10m at the most!! After googling 'whales in the Mediterranean' i think it was a fin whale. The pictures match what i saw, and the size of it.
But the entertainment didnt end there. While we were eating dinner we saw a huge, long, skinny fish jumping out of the least 7 times, then it obviously either escaped its attacker...or got caught, we shall never know.
I had dolphins on my 2100 watch in the golden glow of sunset. Maybe 2 or maybe the same one twice, its a bit tricky to tell the difference.
After sailing fast all day it was a shame to start the motor just before my 2100 watch, but as expected, that is when the wind died out.
Amazing stars, so bright, even saw a shooting star. There were huge bunches of extremely bright neon phosphorus...almost looked like jellyfish, so not sure exactly what it was. Then just before midnight a big fat moon started to rise.
Not much shipping traffic, so a relaxed passage. A pod of leaping dolphins came to say hi the next day and by 1800 sunday we were anchored in Menorca.
Possibly one of my favourite passages so far
Vessel Name: Restless Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: Challenger 39
Hailing Port: Townsville
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