Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Spanish Wells

85nm sailed overnight, anchor dropped at 1130 in Spanish Wells. The evening continued to be beautiful sailing conditions but all that changed at 0730 when we found the squalls. Heavy rain, but not much wind. We could see a bank very large dark clouds up ahead, so we furled the genoa and put a 2nd reef in the main. Glad we did so as a sudden wind shift from directly behind us, to right in front of us caused us to backwind the main and change course. With the wind behind us we thought the storm was also moving away from us, however, we think we must have caught the edge of the storm and this caused the headwinds.
So we motored on through the storm and popped out the other side to blue skies...and no wind. After sailing so well all night, we had to motor the last 3 hours into the anchorage.