Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

1st night

And we're off! Departed egg island, Spanish Wells 0730. A bit of a lumpy start, 1.5-2m waves with an occasional extra big one thrown in for good measure. Winds 20 - 25 a couple gusts in of 30kts. Needless to say, Phil took first watch! Just before lunch, with my tablets working, and slightly less movement, and easing winds, i took over to give phil a break. Only to call him back up on deck 45mins later with the catch cry...Fish, Fish!!
We landed a nice Mahi!
32nm at noon
The seas eased, especially around the W side of Grand Bahama Island. The moon was up and bright, so we had a beautiful night sail. Sun morning 0400, the winds are also starting to ease, so will be interesting to see how ling we can sail today
All good on board