Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Day 3 of passage

Noon to Noon Distance: 160nm
Still motor sailing, and some sailing time - I'm getting stronger muscles from hoisting and lowering the main so often. Usually we just have the genoa out in light winds so can easily furl and unfurl as needed, but not so for this trip!
Phil spoke to Chris Parker on the SSB (long range radio) this morning and found out we were just on the edge of the Gulf Stream so we altered course to the W slightly. Chris also gave us coordinates to follow to stay in the stream and warned us that some nasty weather was on the way and we would need to definitely be in Norfolk by Thursday evening at the latest. As we are not sailing at full capacity and have been doing a lot of motoring lately, we have decided to definitely pull into Beaufort rather than going around Cape Hatteras (can be very nasty in unsettled conditions). Before today we still had in mind the option of either Norfolk or Beaufort - now it is Beaufort for sure.
Caught another mahi this morning - a large male - 11lbs. I had slept well from 0600 and was just getting up for my 0900 watch when P came bustling down...we've got a fish!! He had just gone to the toilet and when he got back up in the cockpit - the line was running on. But he thought I was still asleep, so was coming to get me. The usual routine fell straight into place. I cleared the cockpit and gathered the required tools. It was another bit one, so I got the gaff ready and then took over on the rod and P gaffed it - even more expertly this time through the eye - no wasted flesh there!!
Once again this one all went straight into the freezer!
There are lots of other sailing boats in our vicinity showing up on AIS. All are faster than us and pass us at various stages of the passage. Parati came up behind us yesterday and are just ahead now - they are following the same course as we are - but are a bigger boat and are faster. Quite a lot of ships around, but they see us from ages away and so we don't have any trouble with them.