Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Day 5 of passage

Noon to Noon: 136nm (then an extra 34nms to anchor)
Then when I came up on my 0900 watch, I enjoyed a coffee with Phil - I never feel like coffee on passage, but I was excited that we were nearly in. Between my excitement of the passage ending and the caffeine buzz, I got a bit chatty for Phil who quickly descended to his bunk for his off watch time.
The wind continued to increase over the day - as did the waves and swell. Still comfortable as they were all behind us. As in any passage, the last 30 miles is always the longest. You know you are close, but you still have all day to get there!! Fortunately we had wind, waves and current all going the same way up the channel. We knew the current would be in our favour as from about 3pm - and we were coming in at about 4pm. It's a very long channel though - you think you have arrived as you hit the moaning outside channel marker (it has a moaning noise on it in case the lights ever go out). I was keen to get phone reception and therefore internet as we had to offically check in on the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) app. But had to stop myself from checking my phone every 10mins. Finally just at that outer channel marker - the ping ping ping of notifications started indicating that I had reception.
We quickly checked the weather and then decided to anchor behind sugar loaf island as it would make getting ashore and to our appointments easier tomorrow. We knew it wouldn't be any protection from the wind, but winds weren't going to be bad tonight anyway. Also we had anchored here before so were familiar with the anchorage. There was 1 other cat anchored here as well. Anchor down by about 5:30pm. Arrival beers, let the boat settle and then homemade pizza for dinner. Another yacht came in to anchor just after us. Looking forward to sleeping through the whole night and not having to get up to do anchor watches!!