Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Stunning Alabaster

Zodi explore today, we went all the way up to the N end of the bay and walked the beaches there. We circumnavigated the small Pelican Cay and I went for a quick snorkel but the water was a bit murky and there weren't so many little fish to harass. Walked the whole length of the beach from our boat to the South of the bay and then there is a sandbar between the boat and the shore, so it was fun to sit there for a bit, closer to the boat than the shore. Dinner ashore on a campfire tonight, fresh homemade rolls and brisket. There were a few midgies when we arrived, but we toughed them out as we wanted to stay ashore for sunset. Dinner was amazing, the sunset was beautiful and then the midgies came out in full force so we hurried back to boat.