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Sailing round the world....slowly

Sharing with sharks

Hatchet Bay - 11nms - 2hr 14min - Ave 5.1kts
A nice sail back today, ran the motor for a bit just to make water, but didn't engage gear. About half way up, we hooked a fish and as Phil was reeling it in, it made for a 2nd run and took off, dragging more line out. This didn't last long though and Phil continued to wind in ok, it wasn't huge so I didn't have to slow the boat down at all. Mum had asked us to video catching a fish, so today I started doing that. I asked if Phil needed the gaff, but he said that it was only a small one and he would just lift it into the boat. Then, as the fish got closer, and he started hauling it over the back....we realised that half the fish was missing!! That 2nd run wasn't a 2nd run at all, it was a shark or barracuda stealing our fish! I would've been a good sized fish too. As it was we still got enough meat from it for either 1 big fish meal or 2 little ones (we are going with the one big one for tonight). It was another Cero Mackeral - now that we've tasted them, we love them and will continue fishing in the shallow waters in the hope of getting some more.
Water tanks filled up, we came in to Hatchet Bay and dropped anchor not far from our last spot. There are a couple of boats still here from last time and a couple of new ones. We thought we'd go to the Eastern side this time but there were too many boats there already and not enough room, so we came back over to the Western side. Plenty of room here, good depths and we'll be happy here for the next couple nights.