Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Dolphins at play

An absolutely beautiful sail yesterday Hatchet bay to Current Cut -18 nms. Had a pod of 7 dolphins swimming and playing alongside for a while which is always beautiful to watch.
Just had the Genoa out as we didn't want to go to fast, had to time the cut so that there wasn't too much Current flowing through. We timed it so we had about an hour before slack time and still had about 4kts with us. Top speed 9.1kts.
Turned right from the cut towards the anchorage and they're were already 9 other boats at anchor here. This was no problem at it's a huge area to anchor in. Anchored in 2.9m of water, close to the beach, good holding in sand. Comments suggest we might get some swell in here, but there is none to speak of just now. Beautiful, peaceful, quiet anchorage