Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly


Departed 0700 once the current had slowed slightly through the cut. 32nms today up to Bullocks Harbour at Great Harbour Cay - the top of the Berry Island Chain.
Had light winds (which we expected) and were able to sail for the first 3.5hrs, but then suddenly the wind just stopped and we had to start the motor. We had to round the top of the Island chain and pass the Cruise Ship private islands before we could turn down and head back S to the anchorage. We were just going past the cruise ship and were surprised that the wind was coming from a more westerly direction than expected. We turned to look behind us and saw some smoke on the water...a ship was on fire!! On closer inspection, we realised it was a waterspout. We could see the funnel pouring down from the squally clouds and could see the water being stirred up on the ocean to make it look like smoke. We ensured the boat was secure, wound in the fishing lines and double checked the radar and weather forecast to ensure the squall was in fact moving away from us. Fortunately it was and we were in no danger of the spout. We continued on our passage and not an hour later, saw another spout forming from the same squall. I've seen a waterspout from land before, but not from the boat. It was very disconcerting, but amazing at the same time (only as it was heading away from us and we were never in real danger). Motored into the anchorage - there were a few boats here already but we expected that with the upcoming stronger winds. A really protected, deep anchorage with plenty of room. You have to set your anchor properly as there is a lot of grass on the bottom here.