Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Easter Sunday Passage

I was wide awake at 0400 thinking about the possibility of being stuck at achor in Nassau harbour for another week - something I was not looking forward to. When I suddenly thought about the anchorage at the top of Great harbour Cay. So, without disturbing Phil I checked the weather, checked the anchorage, figured how long it would take us to get there and if the winds would allow it. So by 0500 I had a plan that we could depart this morning, go half way up the berry island chain and anchor for the night before continuing on the next day to our preferred anchorage with this strong blow coming through over the next couple of days. I could'nt present this to Phil at 0500 so tossed and turned until 0630 when I got up for my Easter morning Dawn service. I had a lovely private service on the boat, then made coffee and presented that and my idea to Phil at 0700. He double checked my planning and agreed with me. So, we quickly popped over to Oops to get some of our stuff from there and give them some from us, came back, stowed the dinghy on the deck and were lifting the anchor by 0800.
Had a good sail up to High Cay - 39nms. Just used the genoa and averaged about 4.9kts. We started off going faster but the last couple hours the wind eased and we slowed down. Still we were in no rush, so happy to have a slow sail. The anchorage is just for a stopover - being tucked in behind a private island. Also in light winds, swell still crept around the corner especially a couple of hours before and after high tide. STill it wasn't enough to stop us from having a good sleep!!