Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly

Change of plans

After chatting with Oops last night we decided to meet them in Nassau rather than the Berrys otherwise with the upcoming winds, they may not be able to get to Nassau in time for their appointment. So this morning we had a 0700 departure - the winds and swell were behind us all day, so just with the Genoa we had a lovely 34nm downwind sail averaging 5.4kts.
Oops came in behind us about 3hrs later. The bay has some swell in it as the winds have more North in it than expected, but its not bad and we have good holding in sand.
Looking forward to catching up with Oops again over the next couple of days. It's been nearly a year since we've seen them. Oh, and Ash and Em who were on Oops last year are also back on board - the the whole crew is back together again.