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Sailing round the world....slowly

Back to Royal

Seems that Sunday is visiting day. We had planned to head down to Royal Island or Egg this afternoon, but just after lunch a couple from SY Kite popped in for a chat in their dinghy, and then just after they left, another couple from SY Despina popped over for a chat. Nice to meet new couples though. Funny, when we first anchored here at Russel Is the cats outnumbered the monos, but now the monos outnumber the cats.
So upanchor at about 2pm and headed out towards Royal Island. We are going to meet SY Oops tomorrow at the Berry Islands somewhere - about 50nms away so want an easy early departure. At first we went through the cut and were going to anchor off Egg Island on the outside, but when we got there, the swell was really wrapping around the island and was coming stright into the anchorage, so instead, we came back through the cut and anchored off Royal Island. It was much flatter here and we had a very comfortable night with no roll or worry about being on a Lee shore to a rocky reef.