Adventure of a lifetime

Sailing round the world....slowly


Easter Sunday Passage

Change of plans

Back to Royal

Escaping the wind

Moving from the wind...again

Back to Spanish Wells

Dolphins at play

Sharing with sharks

Stunning Alabaster

Stu's Birthday

Phils Birthday

Windward sailing...yuck!!

Back to Nassau

Squally evening

Departed Cat Island

Last time to Old Bight

Back to Old Bight

Short move

Lumpy ride

Departed Nassau

Long term anchorage

A new bay


Close to Nassau

Staging point

Downwind sailing


ICW by dark

Covid free

Dewees creek

First Passage

Back again

End of sailing season

Day 5 of passage

Day 4 of passage

Day 3 of passage

Day 2 of passage

1st night

Spanish Wells

Enroute to Spanish Wells

Half Moon Cay

Bennetts Bay

New Bight

Hawks Nest Anchorage

Fernandez Bay

New Bight

Old Bight - Cat Island

Conception Island

Conception Island

Monument Bay - Stocking Island

Georgetown - Great Exuma

Calabash Bay - Long Island

Love Rum Cay

Mahi at Rum Cay

Back to Calabash

Exploring Thompson Bay

(No Title)

(No Title)

Thompson Bay

Calabash Bay

Stocking Island


Rat Cay N

Lee Stocking Island

Norman's Pond Cay

Oven Rock

White Point

Little Bay

Little Bay

Black Point

Between the Majors

Swimming Pigs!

Quiet night


Nurse sharks

Another blow

Stunning beach

Happy Valentine's Day

Big bay

Very protected bay

The Cut

Australia Day

Good Morning


Hiding from the wind

Berry Islands


Fort Lauderdale

Here we go

We're back!!

Tidal flow

Back in Florida

Out again

OCC visit

Tide wins

Calm after the storm

Storms about

A small creek


In the oceam

Back at Wrightsville

Lots of entertainment



Red Skies

Big day!!

All alone

Entering the ICW


Back in the water

Haul Out

Anchor down

Entering the bay

Still going

Out of the ICW

Arrival storm

Last full day

Eating well tonight

On the move again

On our way again

(No Title)

Nice spot

Trying to sail slowly

Lake Worth

Supersized Pizza

Welcome to Miami

We have arrived

Day 12

Day 11

Day 10

Day 9

Day 8

Day 7

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

On the move

Beautiful Bequia

Checked in!!

St Vincent Closed.

Lucky Check in

Quick stop

Changed plans

Beautiful little bay

Hot bath

Whales and a fast trip

Boomerang Returns

Terra du Haut

Retracing our steps

Fort de France

Back to St Pierre

Exploring Dominica


Volcano ruins

Snorkel wonderland

Found all the boats

Welcome to Bronnie

Magnificent Marigot

Back on anchor

Stunning Pitons

Amazing views

Back to Bequai

Turtle time

Happy New Year

Calm crossing

We have arrived

Last night

Day 13

Day 12

Day 11

Day 10

what day??

Day 8

Day 7

day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 1

Caribbean Bound

We have arrived

Final day



Saturday Day 3

Day 2 of passage

Arrived Lanzorate

Gym workout


Day 2

Day 1

Departing Morocco

Slow Trip

World Record Set

Reunited in Hawkins

Reunited with Boomerang!

18 hours in Scotland

The Ashes


Family Time

Heading to UK

A week of boat jobs


Day 3 1100am




Best passage for me


St Tropez....almost

Pizza Delivery

Whales, dolpins and a lot of motoring

Last night in Corsica


Last night in Italy

Napoleon's Exile

And then there were 2

Nicole's departure

Short move

5 trains

Venice by train


Squished in like sardines

Island stop

Medieval Castle

Swimming at Capri


Rolly Anchorage

Exploring Rome

In a marina!!



Messina Strait

Crotone, Italy


Anchored at Kotor


Sarande, Albania