Da rockin SHAMROCK

I have changed the name of my yacht from Susan to Shamrock

18 October 2010 | Simons Town
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slowly getting there

02 December 2009 | Simons Town
Mike Connolly. sunny
Since my last blog note, I have made major progress and have completed a number od outstanding activities. My nice new Head is in place complete with new seat/lid and all the internals and sanitary hoses. What a mission to get that working and connected. Not for the feint hearted.
Otherwise, all my old round windows have been remove anmd replaced with much more contempory dark perspex oblong windows. This has made a serious improvement to the overall appearance of the yacht and I am delighted with the end results. All of the internal window fittings have been cleaned and refitted. The entire effect is great and I can now see out of the windows, something I have never been able to do.
Ogther work completed recently include a new started button and wiring (yet another failure on the little engine control unit).
Otherwise not too much else done and very little sailing recently...No excuses, more sailing required...
Vessel Name: Shamrock
Vessel Make/Model: Fortuna 37
Hailing Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town
Crew: Mike Connolly
About: My daughter Storm and Wife Niki
Extra: I am starting to restore a Fortuna 37 here in Cape Town. I have been involved in the refurbishment of several yachts working up from a 22 foot Viking to a 23 Foot Buccaneer to a 25 foot Flemenca (and also a 20 Foot Vivacity) to end up with Susan a 37 foot Fortuna
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Restoration of my Fortuna 37

Who: Mike Connolly
Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town