Da rockin SHAMROCK

I have changed the name of my yacht from Susan to Shamrock

18 October 2010 | Simons Town
13 July 2010 | Simons Town
17 May 2010 | Simons Town
05 May 2010 | Simons Town
15 April 2010 | Simons Town
30 March 2010 | Simons Town
09 March 2010 | Simons Town
11 February 2010 | Simon's Town
01 February 2010 | Simons Town
02 December 2009 | Simons Town
09 November 2009 | Simons's Town
27 October 2009 | Simon's Town
13 October 2009 | Simons Town
11 September 2009 | Simon's Town
31 August 2009 | Simon's Town
24 August 2009 | Simon's Town
24 July 2009 | Simon's Town
17 July 2009 | Dublin
22 June 2009 | Simon's Town
08 June 2009 | Simons Town

Update 9th March

09 March 2010 | Simons Town
Mike Connolly (bloomin hot)
Hi, its been a while since my last update. I am working from my yacht today in order to get it ready for a viewing later this afternoon. Im having mixed feelings about selling Shamrock and am not really sure why I am entertaining a potential viewer. I guess that everything is for sale and its just a question of price...We will see how things go a bit later on this afternoon.
She seems to be picking up a fair bit of weed these days and despite me diving and doing a good scrape it seems to be as bad as ever again.
Thinking about doing a pursuit race this weekend from Simons Town to Gordons Bay this Saturday and a leisuely sail back on Sunday. Even my wife is volunteering to come with which is a surprize.
Weather is looking good for the race...no excuses.
Im busy charging the batteries today and making sure that everything is ready for Saturday. Must speak to the race officials and enter formally.
Vessel Name: Shamrock
Vessel Make/Model: Fortuna 37
Hailing Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town
Crew: Mike Connolly
About: My daughter Storm and Wife Niki
Extra: I am starting to restore a Fortuna 37 here in Cape Town. I have been involved in the refurbishment of several yachts working up from a 22 foot Viking to a 23 Foot Buccaneer to a 25 foot Flemenca (and also a 20 Foot Vivacity) to end up with Susan a 37 foot Fortuna
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Shamrock's Photos -

Restoration of my Fortuna 37

Who: Mike Connolly
Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town