Da rockin SHAMROCK

I have changed the name of my yacht from Susan to Shamrock

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Engine hassles

15 April 2010 | Simons Town
Mike Connolly
I decided to enter the Easter regatta recently. One of the Lads in FBYC Roy, volulteered to go with me and also recruited a female friend to come along. My wife and child also agreed to come along and we made an arrangement to meet at the yacht an hour before the off. Roy also invited another German lady who was visiting the club along. When my wife arrived she decided not to come as we had sufficient crew and my daughter Storm deceided to go another on another yacht as one of her pals was on it.
We had a great start but in hind sight we struggled to keep pace with the other yachts and this I have put down to incorrect Genoa track settings and probably too much sail out. We were wallowing in last position and decided to head back to the club on a nice reach. As we approached club we started to lower the furl the sails and I attempted to start the engine, which as the title of this blog relates refused to co-operate. So I retired from the race over the radio and requested a tow in the same message which seems to be quite an unusual thing! You would guess. The club ferry came out to meet us and towed us with soem difficulty back to our berth where many hands were waiting to assist us with the docking manouver.
I spend the next day looking for the problem, which I identified as fuel related and eventually got the engine running again by bypassing all the filters. I have replaced all the filters, rewired the fuel pump and changes soem of the hoses and she now starts on the first swing.
The after regatta party was good and excellent catering by Neptues restaurant was most welcome.
Vessel Name: Shamrock
Vessel Make/Model: Fortuna 37
Hailing Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town
Crew: Mike Connolly
About: My daughter Storm and Wife Niki
Extra: I am starting to restore a Fortuna 37 here in Cape Town. I have been involved in the refurbishment of several yachts working up from a 22 foot Viking to a 23 Foot Buccaneer to a 25 foot Flemenca (and also a 20 Foot Vivacity) to end up with Susan a 37 foot Fortuna
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Restoration of my Fortuna 37

Who: Mike Connolly
Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town