Da rockin SHAMROCK

I have changed the name of my yacht from Susan to Shamrock

18 October 2010 | Simons Town
13 July 2010 | Simons Town
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Yacht improvements

05 May 2010 | Simons Town
mike connolly, autumnal
Well after replacing all the filters and bleeding the engine throughly, she is starting on the button and sweet as a nut (well for a diesel nut). Other things being worked on currently include a new stack pack..why is it taking so long North sails?. I am also in the process of getting the deck repainted. This has been long outstanding and will really improve the appearance of Shamrock.
Another area which I have been fiddling with recently is a 12V computer set up for the boat. I have through one of my marina neighbours Alistair, to a small form mini PC, which operates on 12v as well as a screen and a GPS mouse. When I manage to get the whole lot up and running, I will have a full set of charts, an active GPS mouse, 160 Gbs of HDD space, which is plenty my MP3 collection and the flexibility of another marine screen displaying the charts under the sprayhood. Talking of spray hoods, a rather nasty south easter managed to dissamble my canvas hood and supports completely last week, which was quite opportune as I have spied another Fortuna 37 locally which has a really neat permanent dog house arrnagement. I have taken a few snaps and will look at getting a similar one made for Shamrock
Vessel Name: Shamrock
Vessel Make/Model: Fortuna 37
Hailing Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town
Crew: Mike Connolly
About: My daughter Storm and Wife Niki
Extra: I am starting to restore a Fortuna 37 here in Cape Town. I have been involved in the refurbishment of several yachts working up from a 22 foot Viking to a 23 Foot Buccaneer to a 25 foot Flemenca (and also a 20 Foot Vivacity) to end up with Susan a 37 foot Fortuna
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Shamrock's Photos -

Restoration of my Fortuna 37

Who: Mike Connolly
Port: Simon's Town, Cape Town