Reverie at Sea

21 May 2018
17 May 2018 | Crab Cay , Abacos
12 May 2018 | Manjack Cay
11 May 2018 | Green Turtle
08 May 2018 | Hopetown
03 May 2018 | Hopetown
02 May 2018 | Man of War Cay
01 May 2018 | Man of War
18 April 2018
14 April 2018 | Treasure Cay
12 April 2018 | Treasure Cay
05 April 2018 | Manjack Cay
03 April 2018 | Green Turtle Cay
01 April 2018 | Manjack Cay , Bahamas
30 March 2018 | Great Sale Cay
25 March 2018 | West End Grand Bahama
04 March 2018 | Still in Riveria Beach, FL ( at Cracker Boy Boat Yard)
03 March 2018 | Reveria Beach
10 December 2017
01 May 2017 | Riveria Beach Florida... Cracker Boat Yard

Getting closer to leaving ... moved up to Carb Cay

17 May 2018 | Crab Cay , Abacos
The weather has been so crappy for the last few days. It doesn't appear there is much change in sight for the next few days.
We decided to move the boat today and the winds are supposed to clock to the southeast (SE). Winds were light but we were able to sail on the Genoa to Crab Cay ( well almost). The winds were right on the stern and we were unable to sail, so we fired up the engine and motored on it.
It is so different this time at Crab Cay.There was only 2 boats in the anchorage when we approached and one was leaving. Last time we were here in the early spring there was hardly any room to anchor and we had to anchor far to the west and very far out.
As we approached the Cay, the winds piped up to 25knots and turned to WEST.
What??? West?? That was not forecasted.
Setting the anchor was hard. We dragged the first time with 75ft out in 10ft of water. Finally the anchor set. We decided to cast the dinghy and check the anchor and confirm it was set. OMG... the water was so choppy that I got totally wet and it was almost impossible to see the anchor rode. After a few attempts with our clear bottom bucket viewer we did see the anchor. The tip is buried but the fluke is not covered. It appears set in the sand and holding. John will set an anchor alarm tonight to ensure our safety.
Bridle set with another 25ft of chain let out. As we came back to the cockpit...
... the storms and weather started coming at us. Winds stayed in the mid20's but we never got rain. It's just scary looking and crappy.
Clouds are all around us... going to be a long night!
Vessel Name: Reverie
Vessel Make/Model: Saga 43
Hailing Port: Newport RI
Crew: John and Carla Bistrick
Carla is the crew and a retired perfusionist and assistant professor from the Medical University of South Carolina. John is the captain and is a retired nurse anesthetist. Our home base is in Charleston, SC. We kept Reverie in Maryland. We keep Reverie in Brunswick, GA when not cruising. [...]
Extra: It is not just a dream anymore..... as dreams do come true... It's Reverie at Sea
Reverie's Photos - Main
The rain just keeps coming!
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Created 17 May 2018
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Created 17 May 2018
5 Photos
Created 17 May 2018
Golf cart rental Tahiti Beach Abaco Inn for lunch Hopetown lighthouse
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Created 8 May 2018
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Created 3 May 2018
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Created 1 May 2018
Perfect day touring in our golf cart and dining at Treasure Sands restaurant
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Created 14 April 2018
Nippers Bar The ocean is off the back of Nippers Bar View from marina slip looking at break wall
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Created 12 April 2018
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Created 5 April 2018
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Created 1 April 2018
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Created 30 March 2018
Mast Leak Repair Genoa Sail folded into Sail Bag from the cockpit (Improved) Engine compartment access
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Created 3 March 2018
These are our friends at Cracker Boy. Alan Rosensweig and his grandson , Ben.
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Created 25 May 2017
They used a crane and a hydraulic press to " press" the rudder lose.
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Created 22 April 2017
What's wrong with my refrigerator ? We thought we were ready to go and the refrigerator died? Uhhhhh!!! The probe started reading 144 degrees . ( Simply a bad probe and had to be replaced..ok easy enough) But then the refrigerator and freezer still would not get cold. After 3 hours of a service call and new refrigerant added ... we were good to go. It seems there was a small leak in our system, not sure why? Here's a photo of John working on the refrigerator compressor in the Lazettes.
6 Photos
Created 18 March 2017
Here are some photos of our aft closet (i.e... our pantry) . Other Saga owners have done this and it is truly a great investment for storage of dry goods, can goods and galley ware.
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Created 18 March 2017
Here's our new instruments
8 Photos
Created 27 December 2016
John and I leaving Savannah Sunset on the Georgia Coast It's chilly in December Sailing And Foggy.... ( Glad we have a fog horn)
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Created 27 December 2016
New interior Galley, Saloon, Head and Shower, New chaps for the dinghy Exterior
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Created 12 December 2016
The Keel bolts have a new G10 face plate . Look at the keel being attached before and after photos
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Created 25 April 2016
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Created 1 April 2016
Coming under the Annapolis Bridge
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Created 21 October 2015
Where is our Yamaha Engine?
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Created 18 October 2015