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04 February 2016
While motoring up Seno Pia to look at a glacier, we hit some ice with the port propeller, and it started making noises. We ran on the starboard propeller (there was no wind) mostly, and I looked at charts for a suitable place to either anchor and dive on the propeller, or else to dry the boat out Southern Patagonia is quite a cold place to dive, so I was happy to see a nearby harbor that appeared to have a gentle slope to the bottom on the chart, which indicates it is likely to have a suitable beach for beaching the boat.

We anchored in Caleta Voilier and inspected the gravel beach at low tide. After finding a suitable spot, we anchored some small fenders as guides, and waited for high water. At high water, we raised anchor, raised the centerboard, motored slowly toward the beach, dropped the anchor again (to aid in getting off later) and then slowly drove the boat up on the beach.

I couldn't find anything wrong with the propeller--it had some scratches from the ice, and shaft play appeared within tolerances, so we scrubbed the bottom of the hull and re-anchored when the boat floated off at the next high tide.
Vessel Name: Issuma
Vessel Make/Model: Damien II, 15m/50' steel staysail schooner with lifting keel
Extra: Designed for Antarctica. Built in France by META in 1981. Draft 1.3m/4.5' with keel up, 3.2m/10.5' with keel down. More details at
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