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Winter Sailing

24 March 2018 | Pickering, Ontario, Canada
After putting Issuma ashore in Newfoundland in September, I flew to Toronto and bought a Grampian 26, fibreglass sloop, which I've been living aboard for the winter.

As 26 foot sailboats go, this is a big one, with 6' headroom, so comfortable enough to live aboard in. I insulated it with closed cell foam and extruded polystyrene.

Of course, the real reason to live aboard a boat is to go sailing more often :). The ice during the winter does get annoying, as this boat doesn't have a strong, steel hull that I'd feel comfortable breaking much ice with.

So, when the ice was thin enough to chop a path out of the marina, we were able to go sailing, which was great.
Vessel Name: Issuma
Vessel Make/Model: Damien II, 15m/50' steel staysail schooner with lifting keel
Extra: Designed for Antarctica. Built in France by META in 1981. Draft 1.3m/4.5' with keel up, 3.2m/10.5' with keel down. More details at
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