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Newport Harbour

14 October 2020 | Newport Harbour
Richard Hudson
You can just see the entrance in the picture--around the corner, to the left. There is a big rock at the outer entrance that onshore waves break on.

It was calm and peaceful when I entered Newport Harbor, as the sun was setting. The entrance opened up into a beautiful, totally protected harbor, lined with rocks and some cottages. A great place to sleep soundly at anchor, which I did.

My first anchorage this trip wasn't nearly so peaceful. I didn't need to anchor--I could have stayed at the dock I was at a few miles away, but I wanted to test out my anchoring system, after so long with the boat having been stored ashore. The anchorage was protected from three directions, and had a little sand on top of rock, about 20m down. The winds were very light, and forecast to stay that way, but every time they shifted, the boat swung around the anchor, and the chain dragged across the rock bottom loudly. It was an adequate anchorage for the conditions, but not a quiet, peaceful place.
Vessel Name: Issuma
Vessel Make/Model: Damien II, 15m/50' steel staysail schooner with lifting keel
Extra: Designed for Antarctica. Built in France by META in 1981. Draft 1.3m/4.5' with keel up, 3.2m/10.5' with keel down. More details at
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