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Who: Ko Barrett
Port: Mayo, MD
14 December 2016 | Rhode River
12 December 2016 | Blue Water Marina
05 January 2016
05 January 2016 | Mayo, Md
31 December 2015 | Blue Water Marina: Mayo, MD
25 August 2013 | Choptank River and Knapps Narrows
07 July 2013 | Saratoga Springs, NY
30 April 2013 | HHN
15 April 2013 | HHN
13 April 2013 | HHN
17 February 2013 | HHN
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05 February 2013 | Albuquerque, NM
20 January 2013 | HHN
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02 December 2012 | Herrington Harbour North
12 November 2012 | HHN to Dividing Creek and return
12 November 2012 | HHN to Dividing Creek and return

Its getting lonely out here...

07 November 2012 | Herrington Harbor North Marina
Ko Barrett: Chilly and overcast
I came out last evening to find that more boats had been hauled from F dock and my view is now unobstructed out to the bay, with the exception of the many, many seagulls that litter the dock each morning. And I mean litter the dock. Fortunately the weather is too cold for bare feet.

I turned on the heater, closed up the cabin and retreated to Skipper's Pier where I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they serve twenty-five cent oysters on the half shell every Tuesday night from October through April. Along with a reduced price bottle of domestic beer, I had a heaping plate of oysters with cocktail sauce and horseradish for a total of five dollars.

The boat stayed warm enough all night and through the day today. No hint yet of the condensation I have been warned about. I can see that with a drop of ten more degrees I might be struggling to stay warm enough. I'll have to explore whether there are a few modest efforts I could make to insulate and take the edge off. I'm already planning to bring my down booties on the next trip out.

My problematic starboard side reading light has stopped functioning. I am going to have to accelerate plans to address my lighting problems. It is probably time to buy a few LED reading lights and figure out the head vanity light problem.
Vessel Name: Little Wing
Vessel Make/Model: Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 30U
Hailing Port: Mayo, MD
Crew: Ko Barrett
About: Only me, a 58 year old, slightly feisty woman, five years into sailing and LOVING my floating adventure. Short-term goal is to explore the Chesapeake. Later: points North
Extra: Always wanted a waterfront cabin and now I've got the best there is: a floating cabin that meanders to one beautiful place after another.
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Who: Ko Barrett
Port: Mayo, MD