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Who: Ko Barrett
Port: Mayo, MD
14 December 2016 | Rhode River
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05 January 2016 | Mayo, Md
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12 November 2012 | HHN to Dividing Creek and return

A little anti-freeze

12 December 2016 | Blue Water Marina
Ko Barrett
I returned from Monaco late on Saturday and try as I might, I couldn't muster the energy to head out to Little Wing to tend to needed tasks. Come Sunday, I took advantage of a cold, clear day to clear the gutters at home and stack some firewood. With the cold front coming, I vowed to head out on Monday to winterize the engine, even if I had to do it in the rain.

As it turned out, the rain gave way to a beautiful afternoon with temps in the 50s. I stopped at the local Ace Hardware to buy 8' of tubing so I could pour antifreeze into the engine water intake from a vantage point that also allowed me to check the outflow of the Diesel engine. It worked perfectly and within 15 minutes, the engine was winterized. That left me with time to remove the dodger and Bimini and to load up the cockpit cushions.

The reverse cycle heater worked very well. Replacing the pump has made a huge difference.
Every simple task done alone helps me to grow in knowledge and self reliance. I love the boat.
Vessel Name: Little Wing
Vessel Make/Model: Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 30U
Hailing Port: Mayo, MD
Crew: Ko Barrett
About: Only me, a 58 year old, slightly feisty woman, five years into sailing and LOVING my floating adventure. Short-term goal is to explore the Chesapeake. Later: points North
Extra: Always wanted a waterfront cabin and now I've got the best there is: a floating cabin that meanders to one beautiful place after another.
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Who: Ko Barrett
Port: Mayo, MD