Riding with the wind...

Who: Ko Barrett
Port: Mayo, MD
14 December 2016 | Rhode River
12 December 2016 | Blue Water Marina
05 January 2016
05 January 2016 | Mayo, Md
31 December 2015 | Blue Water Marina: Mayo, MD
25 August 2013 | Choptank River and Knapps Narrows
07 July 2013 | Saratoga Springs, NY
30 April 2013 | HHN
15 April 2013 | HHN
13 April 2013 | HHN
17 February 2013 | HHN
10 February 2013 | HHN
05 February 2013 | Albuquerque, NM
20 January 2013 | HHN
15 January 2013 | HHN
02 December 2012 | Herrington Harbour North
12 November 2012 | HHN to Dividing Creek and return
12 November 2012 | HHN to Dividing Creek and return

An excuse to spend the night aboard

14 December 2016 | Rhode River
Ko Barrett/Winter is Coming
Yeah, I was down two days ago to winterize the engine, but I left the MarineAir heater on and felt uneasy. It was probably the safest option to keep my water pipes and head from freezing -no stand alone heater to tip- but I decided with frigid air arriving tomorrow I would feel MUCH better if I came down to stay on Little Wing. I finagled my schedule to allow for telework and here I am, enjoying the quiet night in my still-warm cabin. Only one other boat with lights on in the marina. I'm hoping to limp through this cold snap with my water tanks full, extending my precious cabin season with full functionality for as long as I can.

I arrived and found I needed milk for the morning. Headed to Lou's and found milk AND ginger beer and pistachio ice cream. Life is good. Really good.
Vessel Name: Little Wing
Vessel Make/Model: Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 30U
Hailing Port: Mayo, MD
Crew: Ko Barrett
About: Only me, a 58 year old, slightly feisty woman, five years into sailing and LOVING my floating adventure. Short-term goal is to explore the Chesapeake. Later: points North
Extra: Always wanted a waterfront cabin and now I've got the best there is: a floating cabin that meanders to one beautiful place after another.
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Who: Ko Barrett
Port: Mayo, MD