Road Less Traveled

25 May 2013 | Noank, CT
25 May 2013 | 50 miles from home
24 May 2013 | Atlantic Ocean
24 May 2013
23 May 2013 | 235 miles from home
22 May 2013 | 40% of the way home
20 May 2013 | Just off Bermuda
17 May 2013 | Crystal Caves, Bermuda
15 May 2013 | Bermuda
14 May 2013 | St. George Island
14 May 2013 | Fort St. Catherine, St. Georges Island
13 May 2013 | St. George's Club, Bermuda
12 May 2013 | Close to Bermuda
11 May 2013 | Atlantic Ocean
11 May 2013
10 May 2013 | About 220 miles from Bermuda
10 May 2013 | 280 miles from Bermuda
07 May 2013 | Brewer's Ship Yard, Mystic
12 July 2012 | Southwest Harbor, Mt. Desert Island

Safely in Cape Canaveral

10 November 2009 | Cape Canaveral
First blog post since departure from Brunswick. Winds 25knots building to 30-35knots with seas eventually reaching 10 feet. Beating all the way to Cape Canaveral, where we spent half a day trying to get around the cape flogging into the wind. 2 crew were pretty seasick, yours truly being one of them. It's been several years since I was offshore. I spent most of the time in the cockpit, as going down below pretty much represented a descent into hell. Fortunately, Chip is completely impervious to seasickness and was able to take care of stuff below. I thought that Cape Canaveral was an appropriate place to get out of the weather, as there seemed to be quite a bit of launching on board. I got my sea legs yesterday and we are preparing to finish the trip to Palm Beach in the waterway. We all agreed that going back offshore in that slop would be unpleasant. Besides, the boat sustained some damage from getting slammed around, and we can attend to some repairs.When the weather is favorable (i.e. no north winds) we will cross the Gulf Stream and head into Bahamian waters. No pictures on this post. This is being transmitted via ham radio.
Vessel Name: Road Less Traveled
Vessel Make/Model: Valiant 40 cutter
Hailing Port: Noank, CT
Crew: Michael and Kathy Smith
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