Road Less Traveled

25 May 2013 | Noank, CT
25 May 2013 | 50 miles from home
24 May 2013 | Atlantic Ocean
24 May 2013
23 May 2013 | 235 miles from home
22 May 2013 | 40% of the way home
20 May 2013 | Just off Bermuda
17 May 2013 | Crystal Caves, Bermuda
15 May 2013 | Bermuda
14 May 2013 | St. George Island
14 May 2013 | Fort St. Catherine, St. Georges Island
13 May 2013 | St. George's Club, Bermuda
12 May 2013 | Close to Bermuda
11 May 2013 | Atlantic Ocean
11 May 2013
10 May 2013 | About 220 miles from Bermuda
10 May 2013 | 280 miles from Bermuda
07 May 2013 | Brewer's Ship Yard, Mystic
12 July 2012 | Southwest Harbor, Mt. Desert Island

Feast or Famine

03 May 2010 | 20 miles outside Beaufort, NC
Here's Chip adjusting our 3rd crewman - the windvane Autopilot. It steers the boat most of the time. It maintains a constant angle to the wind and consumes no power. What we should have been doing here is REEFING THE MAIN! Note the harnesses. We are always tethered to the boat after dark, or if we are alone in the cockpit. If we fall overboard, we can be dragged along like a lure until somebody notices that the boat has slowed down or we get eaten. Better than floating around in the Atlantic in the middle of the night, though. We left Charleston yesterday with very favorable winds, which promptly died. We have been plodding along out here for the past 30 hours or so, cursing and fuming. We had large waves, and no wind, which is a bad combination, as you just get thrown around with not much forward progress. We finally got a fair wind after dark, which turned into a good wind, then an excellent wind, then way too much wind. By the time we got around to reducing sail, we were in a real blow. We managed to get the genoa down and the mainsail double reefed. We finally brought down the main and are sailing the last 20 or so miles with staysail alone. We'll get into Beaufort well after midnight, where we'll anchor, before proceeding up the ICW for awhile. Your loyal correspondent, Mike
Vessel Name: Road Less Traveled
Vessel Make/Model: Valiant 40 cutter
Hailing Port: Noank, CT
Crew: Michael and Kathy Smith
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Our trip from Man-o-War Cay in the Bahamas to the Chesapeake Bay
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Trip from Brunswick, GA to Bahamas
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Who: Michael and Kathy Smith
Port: Noank, CT