Breakaway 2016/17

We are leaving Marathon,Fl. on the 16th. of May and plan on cruising to Georgetown in the southern Exumas.

12 May 2017
10 May 2017
04 May 2017 | Vogel State Park
30 April 2017 | Sweetwater,Tenn
29 April 2017 | Asheville,NC
28 April 2017 | Asheville,NC
27 April 2017 | Greensville,N.C.
25 April 2017 | Dover,N.C.
29 January 2017
21 January 2017
19 January 2017
18 January 2017
17 January 2017

Final day, Tuesday, May 16,2017

16 May 2017
We made it home at noon today.I didn't keep many records of the trip, but do have a few. We were gone 35 days, traveled 2,330 miles, stopped at a LOT of gas stations and went thru five states. No problems to speak of on the whole trip. Rose, Salty and I had a great time. Our next trip will most likely be last of July, first of August as we plan on driving out to the western states. Thanks for following along.

Friday, N. Ft. Myers

12 May 2017
Vern/ great weather
We made our way today to N. Ft. Myers and arrived here around noon. We had planed on staying three nights and leaving Monday morning, but the campground had a special on this week-end that allowed us to pay for two nights ( $66.00 total) and spend four nights! So we will now be leaving here on Tuesday morning instead. Rose and her mom went to get there hair done while Salty and I took a nap in the R/V. Not a whole planned while here except going out for a mother's day dinner on Sunday. I
am going to try to post a video of a waterfall that we took while in the mountains. Hope it comes out ok. ----

Thursday, Sun Lake R/V Resort, Ruskin,Fl.

11 May 2017
Vern/ clear,calm
We spent the extra day here so that we could drive over to St. Pete. to visit Jerry, a long time boating buddy. We had a good visit and of course we went out to eat lunch. It was a seafood place,right on the water, but I must say that the food left a lot to be desired! For dinner tonight we went to Bob Evans, about a mile away, and it was a lot better. We have the jeep hooked back up to the R/V so in the morning all we need to do is disconnect the power and water and pull out. It will be about a two hour drive to Ft. Myers tomorrow. We plan on spending three nights there before heading for home Monday morning. Will be good to get home after all this driving. We did go to a Wal-Mart today and got another microwave. I fit just right in the space which surprised me.Will be sending out a new "spot" tomorrow. The photo on last nights blog was a picture of Rose and Bob and Dottie at the highest point in Ga., Brasstown Bald. Don't know what I am going to post tonight,but hope it will be interesting.---

Wednesday Ruskin,Fl.

10 May 2017
Vern/ clear,calm
I did not do the blog yesterday since it was more or less a do nothing day. The Reed Bingham State Park would have been nice except for the 50 or 60 trillion gnats! We either had to stay inside or get in the car and ride around. There was no enjoying yourself outside. The only good thing was that the cost was right. $34.00 for two nights with water and power. We are staying at a private campground tonight and tomorrow night. It is $25.00 per night. We plan on going over to St. Pete. around noon tomorrow to visit a old boating buddy that we met years ago in Boot Key Harbor. Havent seen him in about three years. Will leave here Friday morning and go to N. Ft. Myers and stay there until Monday. So it looks like we will get back home around noon Monday. Will have plenty to do when we get home. We had our first casualty of war on the motorhome tonight. The microwave bit the dust while Rose was heating supper! Have to find a Wally World tomorrow.Other than that its been a trouble free trip. Tomorrow will mark one month since we left Okeechobee. I haven't looked today, but I think the mileage is around the 2000 mark. It was nice to get back to somewhat level roads. In the mountains, you are either going up or you are going down. I don't mind it for about a week, but then I am ready for level again. Did not take any pictures yesterday or today, so will have to search my archives to post tonight.---

Reed Bingham State Park, Adel,Ga. Monday

08 May 2017
Vern/ clear-warm
Last Monday we were pulling into Vogel State Park in Blairsville and now we are in another state park in southern Ga. We have come to like staying in the state parks. This one was only $34.00 for two nights with full hook up. We arrived here around 1pm and got settled in. For the second time on this trip we unloaded the scooter.I rode it a little at Vogel, but today Rose and I both got on for a tour of the campgrounds. Its a different story at these state parks during the week and then on week-ends. Got here today and there were very few R/V's here. But they said it was packed Sat-Sun. And I know each state park is different. The one's in the Key's, there is a year waiting list to get in. We are somewhat out in the country here. As we were driving to that Rose out for her birthday supper, we saw a wild turkey cross the road. Also saw a deer on the way to the park. Have yet to sea a wild bear. It looks like I wont be taking any power parachute lessons on this trip. The man that I took the ride with last year said that he can only give them on week-ends because of his work ( regular job) overload. Going over to see him tomorrow afternoon to see what we can work out for the future. I did upload some more pictures to the Ashville gallery today,so you might want to view those. We plan on leaving here on Wed. morning and heading to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park on the west coast of Fl. Will most likely spend two days there before we head to our last stop before home, Ft. Myers.Until later----

Sunday, High Falls State Park, Ga.

07 May 2017
Vern/ clear.sunny
The day was just beautiful!! Could not want a better day weather wise. This campground hass been clearing out all day. There a just a lot of people who just come for the week-end. When we arrived here early Saturday afternoon there was not many spaces available, and this is a big place. Now there are just a few here and there. Our next stop tomorrow will be at Reed Bingham State Park just off I-75 South in Moultrie,Ga. That is where I "may" continue my flying lessons in the power parachute. Wont know until we get there. From there its on south to St. Pete. Fl. to visit a old boating friend and then to Ft. Myers and home. Tomorrow will be one of our longest drives so far on this trip. about 5-6 hours. The good thing is that it should start getting a little more level on the roads. Today was spent just driving around and looking for and at, waterfalls. Wish it was warmer so that we could go in the water. We are finally going to grill out tonight for the first time! Better go and check of the grill.
Vessel Name: Breakaway
Vessel Make/Model: 34' Sea Ray Flybridge
Hailing Port: Okeechobee,Fl.
Crew: Vern,Rose&Salty
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