Roaring Girl

The adventures of the yacht Roaring Girl wandering the seas.

12 August 2013 | Ipswich, England
17 July 2012
16 July 2012
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03 July 2012
03 July 2012
02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
02 July 2012
02 July 2012 | Shanghai
01 July 2012
01 July 2012 | Moganshan Lu, Shanghai

The lights of booming China

02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
We spent much of the rest of the day on the buses, which was good after Sunday's and Monday's marathons. One of the excellent staff at Indigio had told us that the temperature jumped on Sunday and was now very high by local standards. Hah! It looks as if our weather change powers are undiminished by our travels. We got to Malta, Greece and Italy in turn the day before the temperature jumped for summer. Now we are concerned that our arrival in NZ will plung Wellington into deepest snow.

The night bus tour was great fun, with sparkly lights everywhere and the bus full of smiley happy people. (The ticket's good for 24 hours, so it's fine to keep riding.) We felt that the lights of Shanghai make both London and New York look - well - dowdy!

After good noodles and beef in a local 10th floor restaurant we staggered back to our hotel room to recover, and prepare for shopping and museums tomorrow. (And maybe even that spa!)
Vessel Name: Roaring Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Maxi 120
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: Pip Harris and Sarah Tanburn
About: Captain Sarah and Chief Engineer/Mate Pip moved on board in 2003 and finally made the break in 2006. Roaring Girl, launched in 1977, has already been round the world once, and has a lot more seamiles than the two of us put together.
Extra: These pages aim to bring you our adventures as they happen, as well as Roaring Girl's sailing prowess. And to show off Pip's silverwork as well.

Who we are

Who: Pip Harris and Sarah Tanburn
Port: Ipswich