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The adventures of the yacht Roaring Girl wandering the seas.

12 August 2013 | Ipswich, England
17 July 2012
16 July 2012
10 July 2012
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03 July 2012
03 July 2012
03 July 2012
02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
02 July 2012 | Shanghai (high up!)
02 July 2012
02 July 2012 | Shanghai
01 July 2012
01 July 2012 | Moganshan Lu, Shanghai

Tianzifang aka Camden

03 July 2012
On Wednesday we went in search of a different art street and shopping area, known as Tian Zi Fang. Unlike Xantiandi, this is not a rebuild but a warren of shikumen houses now operating as lots of little boutiques and shops. On the way there, we saw this magnificent door, but we don’t know where it led.

The market itself is reminiscent of Camden Market in London: there are occasional excellent spots with bags or clothes made locally by Shanghai-based designers. But most of it is the same stuff that you see in NYC, London, Mumbai or Auckland. One of the most telling signs was a shop advertising ‘ethnic’ goods – meaning from the sub-continent. What does that tell us about relationships within the BRIC countries?

We did have some success finding pressies, and a rather smart travel case for the ipad, but again, we would not say it was the home of the original or unique output of Shanghai creative workers.
Vessel Name: Roaring Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Maxi 120
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: Pip Harris and Sarah Tanburn
About: Captain Sarah and Chief Engineer/Mate Pip moved on board in 2003 and finally made the break in 2006. Roaring Girl, launched in 1977, has already been round the world once, and has a lot more seamiles than the two of us put together.
Extra: These pages aim to bring you our adventures as they happen, as well as Roaring Girl's sailing prowess. And to show off Pip's silverwork as well.

Who we are

Who: Pip Harris and Sarah Tanburn
Port: Ipswich