Always & Forever

09 May 2016 | Titusville, FL
20 November 2015
11 November 2015
08 November 2015
21 October 2015 | brunswick georgia
18 July 2015 | still in Tennessee
22 June 2015 | Jacksonville, FL
22 June 2015 | Jacksonville, FL
16 June 2015 | Jacksonville, FL
21 May 2015
17 May 2015 | Jacksonville, FL

Traveling back to Brunswick, GA

09 May 2016 | Titusville, FL
We are making our way back to Brunswick! It's different than when we came down in November with current and temps but still enjoyable!
Capt. Mick (#1 son) is on board sharing the work load! ;-)

Destination Marathon!

20 November 2015
We hope to make it Marathon today! It's about 60 miles. Just have to make sure we aren't out after dark. Not a good thing searching for a mooring ball at night! Much love to all!

Riviera Beach

11 November 2015
It was raining this mornin and seemed to follow us most of the day. Waited on a couple of bridges that only open at the hour or half hour. Got into Riviera Beach this afternoon and we can tell that we're getting closer to Fort Lauderdale! The area is beautiful. There's a lot of condos and many mega yachts!

Leaving Melboure

08 November 2015
We've had a great stay at Melbourne Harbor Marina. Loved, loved seeingand breaking bread with brother Gwyn and sister Marsha! Love ya'll!
We are leaving this morning for Vero Beach! A friend said it was called Velcro beach because when you get there many stay! We are Key bound I think. We are trying to travel between 40 - 50 miles a day.
Much love to all!

Getting ready to depart!

21 October 2015 | brunswick georgia
It's been a busy couple of weeks getting prepped to head South.
We had the divers come for a good bottom cleaning and inspection, all is well. Missing a little paint on our rudder but otherwise in great shape, CHECK.
Our air conditioning seemed to be a bit restricted so I spent a good day flushing out the units and hoses. I managed to dislodge a half pound of creatures and creature parts. Working quite well after the cleaning, CHECK.
When we moved from Jacksonville, FL to Brunswick, GA, our engine came to a halt. The culprit was a plugged fuel pick up. Today I opened the access hatch on our 72 gallon fuel tank (36 screws) and inspected the contents. Everything appeared clean so I connected a 2 micron filter and a pump, this is known as polishing the fuel. I ran the pump for about 5 hours. Clean fuel and tank, CHECK.
Next, empty out the anchor locker and mark the chain and rope in ten foot intervals so we can accurately play out the rode which makes for secure anchoring. Since I'm retired I'll take care of this tomorrow or the day after.
We're planning on heading out on Oct 29 and arriving in Marathon on ??????

Left Amelia Island headed north...

17 August 2015
Traveling up the ICW toward Fernandina, FL; it is a beautiful lil town! Colorfully painted buildings, shrimp boats, and Fort Clinch! This is a place we will return and spend a day.
We had to make a decision when we came to Cumberland Island (another day trip) whether to continue on the ICW or go out into the Atlantic. We chose the Atlantic! The wind was good and the direction was perfect. We unrolled the foresail and caught some good wind! Still a little shy of the main sail especially in the wind we had. Also, we were watching a storm system brewing to our west and decided to motor sail. We were about 17 miles from Brunswick, GA our destination when the engine quit. The engine would not start! With the storm approaching, we rolled up the foresail and called Boat US for a tow around 3:30pm. We could see the thunder and lightening to the west pounding Jekyll Island. At 5:15pm, our hero in a lil red boat came from the south! Tie up was quick and he whisked us out to sea! We had to go out to maneuver around the shoals. We got into the edge of the storm but still felt safe. Around 7:45pm, we pulled into Brunswick Landing Marina. A quaint lil southern port.
Vessel Name: Always and Forever
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Passage 42
Hailing Port: Grand Rivers, KY
Crew: Greg Bontrager
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