Robinson Tour of the Caribbean

06 August 2010 | Eagle Lake , Haliburton, Ontario
05 August 2010 | Firepit with my sister
04 August 2010 | Eagle Lake, Haliburton, Ontario
01 August 2010 | Etobicoke Yacht Club
28 July 2010 | Lock 20, Erie Canal
27 July 2010 | Castleton Boat Club , Hudson River
18 July 2010 | NYC, NY
19 June 2010 | St. Augustine, FL
10 February 2010 | Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas
19 January 2010 | Georgetown, Bahamas
14 January 2010 | Georgetown, Bahamas
10 January 2010 | Volleyball Beach, Georgetown, Bahamas
09 January 2010 | Georgetown, Bahamas
09 January 2010 | Georgetown, Bahamas
09 January 2010 | Staniel Cay
09 January 2010 | Walderick Wells
09 January 2010 | Normans Cay, Bahamas
09 January 2010 | Allan Cay , Bahamas
02 January 2010 | Rose Island
26 December 2009

A day of Ah...

06 August 2010 | Eagle Lake , Haliburton, Ontario
A day of rest, sit, walk, sit , meditate, yoga, sing, cook, breathe, breathe, read , cook, fireplace warm up. What more could one ask for. The sky so deep rich blue, you could jump up and go beyond the colour landing on a speck of dust that could carry you in the blue array of space , flying full into the unknown. Just when I think that the messages in nature, angels that show up in books , people, songs are so profound, yes in that moment that I declare my wow... moment another one arrives with yet another spinkle of magic dust swirling like chocolate icing on my favority double chocolate fudge/caramel rolo cake.
Gratitude is oozing from all pores as vulnerability increases as my soul is insistant through the certaing whispers of my heart. Living on the edge... does it ever get hot and does it ever require deep quiet space to listen to the heart.
Hugs from all of life hold moments of support and love ... Thank you...

Starry Night, So Bright

05 August 2010 | Firepit with my sister
Deep breath as the words stream from my fingers, finding keys to articulate the glory of the Universe in its grandeur as our heads tilt toward the twinkling starry and silent night. Only crickets chattering echoed in our ears and the odd crackling of the fire as bright rays of orange, yellow and red danced in the black backdrop of night.
Whispers exchanged of souls swaying in thoughts carried us moment to moment on new and adventurous pathways into unknown, risky, leapfrog territory. Fearless we move onward step by step...

Fresh Water Swimming! Yeh!

04 August 2010 | Eagle Lake, Haliburton, Ontario
We are in fresh water! Ooo... how divine the silky cool water washes over my body. Skinny dipping is on the agenda tomorrow. A day of eating, swimming, reading , meditating. Phil canoed,, enjoyed the tranquillity of a calm lake and queried his future back in Ontario.
Children played on the surf board, squealing, laughing and splashing on and off as they were pulled by Bryn behind the 10hp. Monopoly and Rummy were the games of the day. Sounds of sticks breaking , fire crackling behind me are preparation for a fire roasted german sausages. Homemade sauerkraut , Etobicoke Octoberfest style, baked beans and Kartoffelbraten(fried potatoes) prepared with red wine in hand, wave aromas of delight passing my nostrils as I type.
Weather is hot! 31degrees C.
Being up here , certainly helps with transitition...and allows moment to moment awareness to fully embody the treasures(sounds, smells... ) of Ontario nature.
Love you all ..
Not sure when to stop blogging since the adventure continues even off the boat. Life is an adventure!
I will still post a final blog . Stay tuned.
OH.. Phil reminded me that we are still boat living til Sept. 1 when we are supposed to move back into the house. Maybe we will just turn around and head south...

Home? Are we?

01 August 2010 | Etobicoke Yacht Club
July 30, Oswego, NY.
Sun warmed skin of my cheeks still radiate the healing touch of Brother Sun as I sit in a cool space below in the cabin to open and allow words to attempt to articulate the showing of gifts that the dawn of day has bestowed.
A deep breath brings landing and my fingers hesitate awaiting words ...
Homeward bound we set off. Heading into the sunset last night duplicated the stillness, almost void holding the space for creation express, as it did on our departure last year, September 19, 2009. Same and yet uniquely last dusks or departure and return invite entering into a vacant space of opportunity for the next step into the unknown to be taken, trusting the perfection of the moment with all the spirits in nature awake , aware and eager to participate. The lake surface had softened and laid down a perfect carpet for our journey, the sun sweetly painted a picture of rainbow colors deepening and glorifying the sky as we tilted our heads upward in full view. The wind whispered permission for crossing with a promise of being held gently by calm waters.
After a late feast of sweet, succulent , golden kernels of fresh picked corn barbequed to perfection by Chef Karl and beans on toast by Chef Chantelle, scheduled night watch was quickly confirmed and bodies began to slowly , systematically complete assigned kitchen duties , a kiss and hug good night and tucked tight and fully into sleeping bags for a few hours.
Bryn was on watch first 9-11pm with Chantelle for 5 minutes and they were alerted by several flares lighting the dark sky in colors of red, orange and yellow. Unsure whether it was a vessel in distress, we advised US Coastguard and after investigation, they reassured us that it was a training exercise being carried out by Canadian Forces. All bodies, except Bryn and Chantelle disappeared beneath covers for continued rest beneath the moonlit sky shaded with scattered with families of clouds moving together in a northwest direction. Next I knew, Karl was tapping me "It is your turn" and disappeared as I emerged to an empty helm, Karl already tucked beneath the covers and the only remnants of bodies was a warm sleeping bag in the cockpit where I found Chantelle cocoon wrapped and in dream world.
Singing Om Kriya Babaji with my head tilted stern gazing at the half moon, the last night of our trip felt quiet, content, and calm as nature and breath and life seemed one in the moonlight moments. "Ishka, Tonga, Feen" and "Let go and let God" seemed to float through me with each sway of the boat as the wind picked up and pulled me from bliss, bliss awareness to bliss earth awareness . "Ask , Ask, Ask" being a familiar motto, after doing an all call on the VHF for any vessels on the lake , Prescott Coast Guard answered checking in if we were in need of assistance. What a wonderful man angel! He was so... caring and helpful, it felt like he put our boat in his loving arms and carried us safely until the morning. After getting all the details of boat description, name, how many on board, lat/long location, status of our boat and situation (that we had a mast that was in a frame on the boat, and that we were being cautious inquiring about current weather conditions. As an aside, imagine the mast laying on the boat bow to stern on three frames, tied down with straps. Each small wave causes the weight of the mast to shift and with the weight of the mast, puts pressure on frame, screws, life lines and all. Very tricky maneuvering!), the officer gave updated reports from buoys and suggested he call back in a few hours to check on our status. Oh...thank you, thank you angel!
We altered course to go directly north toward land, so that if we had problems we could find shelter.
It is 907am and "Angel Man" called in 3 more times and we feel comfortable to continue our journey unassisted. ETA to Etobicoke is 430pm. We are rocking a little, but lots of Reiki, breathing with the wind and waves and most important, angel support is allowing us to effortlessly continue.
A sun gaze of 20 minutes at dusk and now again at down has all the cells dancing deliciously in the unknown!
Followed by a looong... mediation witnessing a whole river of thoughts, letting go and dropping for seconds at a time into the bliss of silence began yet another day on this playground we call, Earth.
There is a strange duality of emotions this morning. Excitement of landing our feet and boat home and yet uncertainty of returning to a world, culture, life that we all unplugged from, have found new places within us that have shifted and unsure how it will play out. Let go and let God is the antidote for that. No thinking, only breathing, allowing, trusting and asking for guidance from spirit... The mantra of the day, the moment, NOW...
Off to finish my coffee and call the return of Songs of God, Bhagavad Gita book that seems to either jumped ship or is still hiding under covers in the deep corners of our home on water, Brydyl Ankar.
It is quiet this morning as family rests, reads and plays on games awaiting safe arrive at EYC port.
Love you all as the unknown journey of Life continues to unfold. Let us turn the next page together and feel what is revealed...
Two hours out, at the eastern gap of Toronto, the cell phone rings, Ron and Leslie checking in on our ETA. They sailed by us waving and welcoming gang on the bow just east of the western gap
We arrive EYC at 412pm to the welcoming cheers, waving hands of a group of dear friends and family. My Mama, sister Heidi and children, Chantal and Michael, Jan and Dave (dear friends we made in Bahamas), Nicole ,Pamela and Richard, Ron , Leslie and Temperance, Pierre , Helen, and Rob. Rick with horn in hand announced our arrival to port. Hugs for all and "Wow have those kids grown" echoed in the air from all.
I will write more about the next day on the next blog. GTG to Mamas to do 3 large Santa garbage bags of laundry and meet my side of the family for a big dinner and celebration.

Are we really Home? or is Home where the Heart is? Home is wherever you feel close to source, God whatever you want to call it... Food for thought...
Love you all!
Let go and Let God is the Mantra of every moment!

Rise and Shine !

28 July 2010 | Lock 20, Erie Canal
It is 0515am, the air is crisp and cools the lungs awakening the cells in slumber to a magical misty picture on the water ahead on the Erie Canal. There is a hint of light giving way for sight of trees and water amidst the bright green and red markers ahead half a mile.
After the usual routine of checking the oil, firing up the electronic navigation system, pressing multiple switches on the control panel for intruments ,turn the key, imagining it starting, pressing the start button and saying thank you to the angels. Coffee is on and Phil releases the lines and we are off for a second and final day on the canals.
We are in Oneida Lake now and will be in Oswego by 6pm tonight.
I finally got internet last night and caught up on some phone calls to dear friends until 1130pm! What fun!

Mmm... I can smell fresh bread and hear Dylan whisking eggs up in a metal bowl to I am sure create a very tasty breakfast. Bryn is using the egg carton as a drum, providing musical support and entertainment for Dylan, the chef. Oh... I smell bacon now...I do love the smell of hickory. Chantelle is reading, yes, Harry Potter, Phil is at the helm and Karl has his best friend little black box, PSP, close in hand eyes, body and especially fingers fully engaged in another world of wonder.
I am off, will blog more later...

We are all One Family!

27 July 2010 | Castleton Boat Club , Hudson River
Castleton Boat Club, the friendliest, caring and helpful club on the Hudson River. We were so blessed by all the members at the club.They bent over backwards to make us feel at home and part of their family. We had a great experience with their self -help mast lift for an incredible price of $50(versus having it done elsewhere in September for $350) and we stayed on their mooring ball for a whopping $5. Holy what a deal, I say! To top it off, super facilities including clean showers , washrooms, great bar prices and they put on $5 lunches on the weekend!
Thank you to big hearted Bill, radiantly, generous Rob , kind Karen and all the others that helped too. You are the number one choice for a stop south and northbound and mast stepping! We love you!

We left Castleton Boat Club at 7am, entered the locks by 1030am and are just on our way to the 8th lock. Again the angels surround us. The Canal has been closed for several days and re-opened today , after severe storms raised water levels beyond docks, took trees out, and created hazardess current conditions.
We have been seeing many bald eagles as they float over our boat surveying life effortlessly...
The sounds of trains, cars on nearby highways amidst lush green forests hugging the riverside as the sound of water splashes our hull, brings the purpose of life to a simple "blissful presence " . The water is so... healing as it invites the whole body to "go with the flow" carrying one gently , steadily , safely in each moment. Feeling very blessed to Be... now mmm...Thank you Source, Universe, Angels , Phil, Bryn, Chantelle, Karl and Dylan for Being in Life Now!
I got an email from a friend , a quote from Rumi which resonates with me now. "Forget safety.Live where you fear to live.Destroy your reputation.Be notorious" - Rumi

In meditation a book name was revealed, one that had my name as author and requesting solitary time to create, so... I shall continue enquiry and remain wide open to the unknown whispering the next soul yearning in my listening , awake and aware ear.
My heart is raw with new feelings, asking for understanding and often not getting enough answers. I grit my teeth and say , I want to know why my heart is so... and realize in that instant the need to let go and let God and know that all will be revealed with perfection... a mantra that I have acquired and use relentlessly.

We will be home either on July 29 or 30!
See you all soon!

Vessel Name: Brydyl Ankar
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Etobicke Yacht Club, Toronto, Ontario
Crew: Phil, Satya, Bryn, Karl, Dylan, Chantelle
Brydyl Ankar's Photos - September 19, 2009 We set sail! (Main)
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View of Toronto Skyline as we wave good-bye
Sunset of Toronto Skyline
Dylan sinking into the Helmsman role
Satya passed out hour 2 into the one year adventure , soaking up the warm sun and the sounds of the water . Just the beginning !
Karl on nightwatch on first all night crossing of Lake Ontario which took exactly 24 hours.
Fun, Fun, Fun!
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Created 26 December 2009
Some photos of our first day at on Lake Ontario after a send off of water balloons and horns.
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Who: Phil, Satya, Bryn, Karl, Dylan, Chantelle
Port: Etobicke Yacht Club, Toronto, Ontario
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