Robyn's Nest Adventures

Formerly Sailing Seanna.

13 October 2015 | Kingfisher Bay Marina
08 October 2015 | Demopolis, Alabama
08 February 2015
18 January 2015 | Biloxi Mississippi
17 January 2015 | Biloxi, Mississippi
14 January 2015 | New Orleans
22 November 2014 | Guthrie, OK
10 November 2014 | Houma, Louisiana
10 November 2014 | Morgan City, Louisiana
08 November 2014 | Old River Canal
07 November 2014 | Natchez, Mississippi
05 November 2014 | Vicksburg, Mississippi
03 November 2014 | Vicksburg
02 November 2014 | Lake Providence Harbor
01 November 2014 | Greenville, Mississippi
30 October 2014 | MM 14.8 Arkansas River
30 October 2014 | MM 14.8 Arkansas River
29 October 2014 | Three mile above lock four on Arkansas River
28 October 2014 | Island Harbor Marina, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
25 October 2014 | Island Habor Marina, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Engine problems

27 April 2012
As we were leaving Barber Marina, we heard a sound coming from our engine compartment that wasn't right. We had to turn back and investigate the source of the noise. After we tied back up in the slip, I removed the companionway stairs. I listened, as Robyn revved the engine. I could hear the noise, but couldn't determine the source for sure. The alternator seemed like a good possibility, so I removed it. The bearings didn't sound right to me, and my dad just happened to call while I was checking out the alternator. I held the phone to the bearings while I spun it and let him listen. Dad thought i was on the right track, so we went to the marina office to find someone that could rebuild the alternator. We were referred to a company, and we took the alternator to them. Robert, the owner of the company, told us he thought the alternator was ok. It was only going to cost $45 to rebuild it, and I thought that would be money well spent. That would also allow us to rule out the alternator for sure.

When we returned to the boat to await the return of the alternator the next day, I called dad to let him know what Robert had said. Dad told me that I could run the engine without the alternator, and see if the noise was still there. Well the noise was still there! So now we need to find someone that might be able to listen to the engine and determine the source. The engine man wouldn't make it till the next morning, so I tore into the engine compartment. I couldn't find where the noise was coming from, but I did find a HUGE leak in our exhaust elbow. We found a man to repair the elbow, and the engine man came the next morning. Within just moments, he found the noise source. Our starter was just barely hanging by one bolt. Awe, with a little work, we'll be back in shape, and ready to travel again. Next stop, Pensacola
Vessel Name: Robyn's Nest
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 44MC
Hailing Port: Guthrie, OK
Crew: Lester and Robyn Branch
Married since 2007. It has been Lester's dream to cruise in a sailboat for over 20 years. After a cruise in 2012, and learning about the "Great Loop", we sold our sailboat and bought a trawler for a different kind of cruising. [...]
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