Robyn's Nest Adventures

Formerly Sailing Seanna.

13 October 2015 | Kingfisher Bay Marina
08 October 2015 | Demopolis, Alabama
08 February 2015
18 January 2015 | Biloxi Mississippi
17 January 2015 | Biloxi, Mississippi
14 January 2015 | New Orleans
22 November 2014 | Guthrie, OK
10 November 2014 | Houma, Louisiana
10 November 2014 | Morgan City, Louisiana
08 November 2014 | Old River Canal
07 November 2014 | Natchez, Mississippi
05 November 2014 | Vicksburg, Mississippi
03 November 2014 | Vicksburg
02 November 2014 | Lake Providence Harbor
01 November 2014 | Greenville, Mississippi
30 October 2014 | MM 14.8 Arkansas River
30 October 2014 | MM 14.8 Arkansas River
29 October 2014 | Three mile above lock four on Arkansas River
28 October 2014 | Island Harbor Marina, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
25 October 2014 | Island Habor Marina, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

We're off the Mississippi River

08 November 2014 | Old River Canal
Yesterday, we did our last 63 miles on the Mississippi River. Well kinda sorta. We do have a couple of miles on the Miss. to do when we go through New Orleans. We made it to what is called the Old River lock. We had to anchor out in a holding basin while we waited for a small tow to lock through. Once the tow locked through, the lock master called us on the radio, and told us it was our turn. After we locked through, we exited onto the Old River Canal. This canal goes about eight miles to the junction of the Red River and the Atchafalaya Rivers. We anchored for the night one half mile from the junction. We are now two River days from Morgan City, Louisiana.

We keep moving south, but the cold weather persistently follows us. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it will be too cold for the gators, and I really wanted to experience all of the wildlife the Atchafalaya Basin/Swamp had to offer.

Now, I have to tell you how I found this anchorage that we are currently in! Cathy and I were up on the flybridge. She pointed out a small floating dock with a barbecue grill on it. As I was looking at the grill, I had to point out that the dock also had an old toilet on it. She assumed it was a seat for fishing, I thought maybe otherwise! Anyway, as we were driving and looking at the dock, I noticed we were had only three feet of water under the keel! I looked ahead, and the red nun buoys were on the wrong side of the boat. "Holy floating crapper - we're out of the Channel!" I may have screwed up, but we had our anchorage for the night. All is well in our porcelain anchorage. Until next time...
Vessel Name: Robyn's Nest
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 44MC
Hailing Port: Guthrie, OK
Crew: Lester and Robyn Branch
Married since 2007. It has been Lester's dream to cruise in a sailboat for over 20 years. After a cruise in 2012, and learning about the "Great Loop", we sold our sailboat and bought a trawler for a different kind of cruising. [...]
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