Robyn's Nest Adventures

Formerly Sailing Seanna.

13 October 2015 | Kingfisher Bay Marina
08 October 2015 | Demopolis, Alabama
08 February 2015
18 January 2015 | Biloxi Mississippi
17 January 2015 | Biloxi, Mississippi
14 January 2015 | New Orleans
22 November 2014 | Guthrie, OK
10 November 2014 | Houma, Louisiana
10 November 2014 | Morgan City, Louisiana
08 November 2014 | Old River Canal
07 November 2014 | Natchez, Mississippi
05 November 2014 | Vicksburg, Mississippi
03 November 2014 | Vicksburg
02 November 2014 | Lake Providence Harbor
01 November 2014 | Greenville, Mississippi
30 October 2014 | MM 14.8 Arkansas River
30 October 2014 | MM 14.8 Arkansas River
29 October 2014 | Three mile above lock four on Arkansas River
28 October 2014 | Island Harbor Marina, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
25 October 2014 | Island Habor Marina, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Still working on the Nest

13 October 2015 | Kingfisher Bay Marina
Our boat projects are continuing to progress. The big task for Robyn is re-bedding some windows, along with painting the trim. My huge task is the soft spot in the deck. The deck has been cut away, exposing the soft core. I think it will be several more days of drying, digging out, and replacing the bad core. We are both anxious to get moving, but this project was a must before leaving Demopolis.

Our friends Mike and Cyndie left a few days ago. As of last night, they were at Pirates Cove. That is a place we have enjoyed on the GIWW, just north of Orange Beach, Alabama.

We went to Meridian, Mississippi, with Ray and Beth last Sunday. We all got supplies for our numerous projects, and had a great lunch before returning to the "metropolis of Demopolis". We have really enjoyed spending time with Ray and Beth. Ray is an incredible story teller!

Another couple we have met here is Larry and Bev, aboard "Canadian Flyer." Larry is 79 years young, and Bev is the most spry 81-year-old you have ever met! They sailed around the world on their 55 foot Tayana sailboat. It took them 15 years to complete their circumnavigation. They are now cruising a small trawler part time. Larry was born in Canada, and was a pilot for the U. S. Air Force. Hence, the name of their boat. Larry broke the sound barrier in his F86 during the early days of supersonic flight. You should see the way he lights up when he talks about it. Listening to his stories is like watching the movie Top Gun. They have led an incredible life, and won't hesitate to tell you they have been blessed. We've said it many times before, but it bears saying again, the best part of cruising by private yacht is the people you meet along the way!

We have decided to run to Walmart before it gets light, so I'll close for now. Until next time...
Vessel Name: Robyn's Nest
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 44MC
Hailing Port: Guthrie, OK
Crew: Lester and Robyn Branch
Married since 2007. It has been Lester's dream to cruise in a sailboat for over 20 years. After a cruise in 2012, and learning about the "Great Loop", we sold our sailboat and bought a trawler for a different kind of cruising. [...]
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